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  1. When fillin in the screen are any of you fillin whole screen before flippin it or using first 2 weeks of flower when shes still stretchin to fill er up
  2. I do not use a trellis before flowering, I've written a guide for others...
    Here you go bro:
    How To SCROG
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  3. Thank you
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  4. I fill about 70 percent then flip
  5. 70 TO 80% then flip
  6. Scroggin is for sissies and noobs
  7. I fill my screens 100% before flip. I used to fill less but am very happy I changed my ways.

    A trellis net is not a scrog net. 2 totally different things
  8. ok so noob question, Flipping???? you mean when you flip from 24/0 to 12/12?
  9. Correct
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  10. IMG_20151209_210946958.jpg this is what my screens look like when I flip to flower. I used to fill my screens to about 75-80% but I always felt I could get more. I would use the stretch to fill the screen. I just felt like I was missing out but since everyone suggested not filling the screen that's what I did. I'm so glad I changed. The size of buds dramatically increased which in turn increased yield big time. Buds were fatter, denser, all I saw was a positive from filling the screen so that's what I do. This is a single plant in a 2x4 tent. Theres a support bar in the middle which is why it dips in some. The pvc I used on this screen wasnt thick enough to keep the screen taught as the pushed against it. I use 3/4 inch rigid pvc on new screen builds. There is rigid and flexible, grab the ridgid if you use pvc. That screen is made from 1/2 inch flexible.
  11. Very looks like two distinctive plants..........but etiher way.......that's pretty.............and bushy!
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  12. So is the white trellis the go to “screen”?
  13. I was editing in the info on why it looked like that when you quoted me. Read above and it explains why.
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  14. What do "non-sissies" and "professionals" prefer............??
  15. Depends on what your wanting your end results to be.............
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    Trellis nets suck in my opinion. The holes are to large to be able to keep the plant tucked. I like 2" holes. Trellis nets can range from 4" to much larger. Trellis nets are more used for support on large christmas tree type plants to help hold up overloaded branches. Plus the string on trellis nets have to much give which allows the plant to push the net around resulting in an uneven canopy. Trellis nets can be reworked but I found it easier just to do it right and make them correctly. I use braided masons line connected to a solid frame. Masons line does not have the give that trellis netting does
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