Scrog or lst?

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  1. I have 4 arctic sun unfemmed sprouts about a week old right now growing in a rubbermaid container, I plan on either making another or culling depending on this thread. Running under cfl's only at 52 watts now but will be increasing when money comes in (soon).

    Now that the background is out of the way, should I lst or scrog? I can make a double stacked rubbermaid growbox if needed, but will either allow me to grow 2-4 plants in one alone? It's 18 gallons but I'm not sure of exact dimensions. Looking to get the highest yield obviously.

    Or should I do a sog and just keep one female when I sex? Also is it possible to take a clone while still in veg to flower shortly and sex?

    Thanks gc, you da best :)
  2. Check this series out... He has a nice tut on cloning..

    [ame=]YouTube - I GROW CHRONIC - PART 1 (legendado)[/ame]
  3. LST and scrog have the same result, but each has it's advantages and disadvantages.

    A screen is more convenient when it comes to training the plant. Weaving the branches is easier than pegging them in place. It also offers the plant more support.

    Depending on your your growroom and how you make the screen, it can make it more inconvenient to flush them, rotate them, etc. Basically it makes them harder to move about, so you might want to take this into consideration when building the screens.

    With both LST and Scrog you should allow for longer veg time, thus more yield.

    The idea behind a SoG is that you grow a lot of clones in a small area and send them to flower from the start.

    A photo of your grow box would be helpful.
  4. Well it's an 18 gallon, 30"x20"x20" rubbermaid container right now. The inside has been foil taped and I have a 120mm fan for exhaust being shipped in. I'm a poor college student so I dont have a camera, I'm sorry. Their under 3 17w tube fluorescents right now, though as I get more money I plan on adding CFLs until I have them under about 230w. Does that help at all? I plan on stacking another rubbermaid on top if i scrog or lst, or if I do a sog then getting another seperate container for clones.
  5. if they are unsexed there is no way he should scrog em.

    Not fun trying to untangle a male from the screen
  6. Personally, I'd go for Scrog. This will enable you to veg for longer, sacrificing a little time for yield.

    Build an individual screen for each plant that neatly fits into the box and secures in place (be creative). This will enable you to remove each plant individually in case you find you need to flush or if you want to rotate your plants, which you should, or one turns out male. If one does turn out male, train the branches of the others to fill it's space. Fill the screen, switch the timer to 12/12 and watch every cubic inch of that box fill with bud. You could think about adding side lighting as well. If it gets at all cramped in there, side lights will ensure the side buds develop.

    LST is good where you have a bit more space, it can get pretty messy and out of control pretty quickly. I've never tried it in a small space, but I'm doing it in a 7'x5' room and struggling for space.

    I have no personal experience with growing clones or SoG, but I'd imagine it would be more effective in a high wattage grow room. They basically only have the plant's flowering period to grow and on a low wattage microgrow I'm not sure you'd get much more than a few grams per plant.
  7. Well, I've been considering taking a clone of each and flowering just till they show sex. Could I do this early enough that they wouldn't be very far along in the screen, and taking out the males would be easier?
  8. I'm not quite sure what you mean. Taking out the males isn't that hard, you just cut each branch rather than trying to untangle it. If you make a screen for each plant you won't even need to do that, just remove the whole plant with the screen.

    You don't want to be training them once you have your lights on 12/12. You need to fill the screen/LST first, then switch to 12/12.
  9. I'm saying that I want to take a clone from each plant as soon as it's viable and won't do irreparable harm, put them in a seperate area, and put them under 12/12 until they show their sex, then probably just chopping them up and throwing them in my compost heap. Using this knowledge I could keep/chop the mothers. My question is how old/big should they be before I take a clone? I'm in limited space and don't plan on taking any males to flower if at all possible, definitely not if I scrog. I doubt I could do individual screens in a rubbermaid box.
  10. You can take a clone from any vigorously growing plant in vegetative state without causing too much damage, but I'd wait until the plant has at least 5 nodes before you cut one of the lower branches. Cutting from a seedling with probably stunt its growth. As I said, I'm no expert on growing with clones, but there is a wealth of information available on these forums. I've not read it, but I'd imagine this sticky would be a good place to start:
  11. i always introduce my screen at the onset of 12/12 at the height of the tops of the plant, then the stretch of flowering pulls them through and fills up the screen. dont be scared to scrog. if you and also do everything else right youll get great plants with great growth. you dont need to veg longer under a scrog, although you certainly can if youd like. this is the main advantage over scrog as opposed to lst IMO because there is no stunting the growth of the plant it just grows an even canopy without topping.
  12. i second that i just had to put a male out of my screen......was not fun, sex befor srceening!

  13. this is true and it could also shake off pollen onto your ladies

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