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  1. I am growing a plant outdoors and just suspended chicken wire over the top yesterday. Seems to be working fine but is this method effective outdoors? The bottom leaves have been yellowing so I'm guessing they need more light. Another thing is my plant is only 1 month old and is still pretty small....will I be able to get buds when flowering ends?
  2. Here are some pics. Please reply.

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  3. You can keep the screen there your plant is kinda small for it but see what happens. You will get a little bud from your plant (if female) depending how much time is left in your region for daylight etc.

    how big is your pot? you might wan to try a bigger one I think.

  4. Ok. I am using a 1 gallon jug. I will proabably transplant it to a bigger one today, I can see the roots at the bottom. It has lots of leaves but lots of them are small. I live in sc, I hope there is time to get buds, it already smells like weed!

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