SCROG method for peppers

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  1. Would this work? Was thinking of trying it in my new setup, was going to do a 5 pepper plant scrog grow in my 4x5 room under a 1000 watt system.

    Anyone have any pictures or feedback advice on this idea?
  2. You realize it will cost you more then buying organic peppers to grow them this way right?

    I mean will it work, sure, will it be everything you ever wanted? No, the sun will never be matched.

    Now if you use your 1k to START your pepper plants 1 month before last frost then your really rolling.
  3. You gonna do it with your plants or alone?
  4. Well it's just a test to see if it would work. And name one indoor hydroponic grow crop (besides weed) that doesn't cost more to grow than to just buy it from the store.
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    Honestly I don't see a need for a screen. Maybe just have them in 5 gallon pots with about a foot to a foot and a half between each plant. Peppers bush out naturally so you don't need to train them out really. Tying them down might be easier if you must.

    Give it a try though if you really want. I could be wrong. I only start my peppers indoors and they go outside when they are only about a foot tall.

    You may want to go with smaller pepper varieties. Bigger peppers take longer to grow and fully ripen.
  6. this will absolutely work. the italians do this alot with tomatoes. they're referred to as "tomato trees", i believe. you can see a shit ton of pictures if you look it up.
  7. I checked that out, that's awesome. The tomato trees are amazing
  8. I do it all of the time with different plants. You can do it with just about anything.
    Heres a tomatillo

    Heres a chocolate cherry tomato
  9. That's a healthy looking plant! Nice !

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