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  1. Hello all,
    I've grown before, just not in a SCROG type of grow. I have a few basic questions, and forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section (I'm new here!)...
    I have: an 8'wide x 4' deep x 6'8" high grow tent....600w MH/ HPS grow lamps x2... and lots of great seeds. (plus a charcoal air scrubber, inline fans, etc..)
    My main concern is this: I plan on growing TGA SubCool's 'Jack Skellington' (70/30 sativa/ indica), preferably in a SCROG setup (I assume these plants will get pretty tall)
    My real question here: Would it be better to grow ONE single, large plant in a bubble bucket (keeping it pruned and trained), or have several smaller plants using a drip irrigation setup? 
    I'd appreciate any feedback and/or growing tips. Thanks everybody!

  2. One consideration to make is the ability to water a SCROG grow in a tent. Will your screen take up the whole grow space and if so, will you have the ability to get to every plant to weave tops into screen, water each, and check each for balls. I grow in the same size tents and used a screen that was filled the tent and I had a really hard time getting to each plant. I also had a friend that had one hermie and it pollinated the entire grow because he didn't see balls growing on one of his plants...
  3. Very good points, I hadn't considered that. Ideally, I'd like to grow several individual plants (without SCROG), but I had assumed these plants would grow rather tall after switching to 12/12. Maybe I should keep the plants pruned to stay short & bushy, and just have a single row of bushes? Maybe like...4 bubble buckets? I'm in no rush to harvest these plants, I want to do it right.
  4. Better yield with scrog, more work too. I run a 4x8 and it's about as large a garden as I can handle by myself, working a full-time job and caring for family at the same time. But if you have the time and motivation, I say go for it.
    Does your tent unzip all the way around? If so, position it far enough away from walls that you can unzip panels and get to the sides and back.
  5. I would have 2 plants in there. Each one with its own 4'x4' screen and light. 2 plants are easier to look after than 8. But it takes a little longer to veg.

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