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  1. DSCF0018.JPG DSCF0021.JPG Hey to Grasscity,
    Just built my screen yesterday, and got it installed, and I am just wondering if when placing the plant under the screen, do most growers keep all the branches completely under the net, or do they let them grow vert, then tuck over, under thru the netting? when i placed it under, i kinda let a few of them grow upward, to be pushed down as it grows, but i am seeing pics, and i cant really tell what most people are doing.
    any feed back is greatly appreciated.
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  2. Can't tell how much space you have between pot and net...should be'll want to be able to get under to feed, trim and pull shoots down. NO don't weave. Just pull under move shoot farther to outside of net. I let them go 3" or so then tuck it...that way its long enough to move to next open square. Keep goin till that screen if full...then flip. Here's a couple pics of mine 9 weeks tomorrow.
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  3. Thanks for that clarification. I couldnt tell by looking at others grows. My screen is about 7 or 8 unches above. i have room, so should that be good?
    by the way, very nice setup
  4. What size pot are you in...i run 7gal...and i think they're too small...but I've been doin ok in them. You should be fine as you aren't trying to fill a huge screen. Good luck.
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  5. My pots are only 2.5 gal. but thats because i am in Coco. You can get away with a smaller pot. actually they prefer a smaller pot. I have tried a 7 gal, and now this, and I see clearly it likes the smaller one.
    Anyway, so i am on Rollitup also, and most say to flip mine anywhere from now, to 2 weeks out. I was thinking i'd split the difference, and flip in a week. Do you think that should be good? thanks alot man.
  6. The idea is to get a shoot in every square..most say 75-80% then flip.
  7. It depends on your head room. How much vertical height the plants can grow. The more headroom you have the more you can fill up the net. I fill mine 100%. If i ever get more head room I'll let it grow through some before flipping.
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  8. hey killset, where u been? Get your auto's running yet? How bout the big smartie? peace
  9. Just autos for now. And yes I purchased the victory 8.

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