Scrog grow-can i get 2 pounds?

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  1. Alright so basically I want to pull right around two pounds off this grow, do I have what is needed?
    I'm creating this thread because I really need to harvest about 2pounds to make this room worth it, as I will only be using it for one grow before we move. I figure my best chance is to ask on here for advice and tips :p
    The pictures should show everything; but the grow area is about 12x10, with the actual scrog area being 6x4. The system was built for six fairly large plants, each plant can grow approximately 2foot In every direction and 4ft vertically. I plan to veg for around 2-3months so that I can have large plants rather than small ones. I'm going to set the screen at around 12inches and train each plant how I trained the baby plant you see in the photos below. Topping, lst, and then just wait for them to hit the screen.
    My lights are x2 hps 600watters, they are cooled with a powerfulish fan and the heat is then exhausted out of the room by the ducting you see. The temps stay pretty low, but I got a small ac unit for the room just incase.
    The grow medium is MG organic soil, peat moss, and worm castings. I will start nutrients at week 3.
    I don't know what else I need to add, just ask if you have any questions and ill answer for ya . The strains I am growing are a half and half mix of orange bud and euforia(both feminized)from Dutch passion if it matters (This is also why I have two screens, incase one strain out grows the other)
    Oh Also the room will have co2 on a timer, I am just using it for my other grow at the moment since I have nothing but a baby growing in this new room while I wait for my seeds to arrive.
    So, do I have what I need? Can you recommend anything else? Is two pounds even a realistic goal? I'm very new to growing, so I could be way off base here . If i am, what could I expect to yield? (In a ball park range of course)
    Hopefully my only worry will be getting all that bud to our new place :)
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. I have two 600watt lamps in a 5'x5'x6.5' tent. I grow 5 plants, the best I have ever got was 26 oz with one plant producing 6.5oz.
    Never done a scrog... I am thinking about giving it a shot this grow good luck
  3. did you do anything special to achieve that harvest, or were you lucky?
    and i have never tried to scrog either, but from what i've seen it looks effective.
  4. Maybe Lucky... It was one of the first hydro grows I did. I bought a bag of weed the shit had more seeds in it then it had weed. I didn't want to screw up any good seeds, being that i was just getting started in hydroponics. I asked a lot of questions on this site, and really took care of them. That was 2 or 3 years ago. I have never been able to duplicate that grow, I get 3 or 4 oz a plant now. It really comes down to the genetics of the plant.
  5. damn alright. thanks for the replies man
  6. Wow i would love that kinda space to play with :) looks like you gone through a lot of trouble setting it up mate i wish you luck in achieving your goal.. My advice would be to research a better quality soil.. I'm not knocking mg soil and a lot of people use it but it doesn't have a very good rep for growing herb at all.. If you can't change it to something better i would at least go an pick up a shit load of perlite to mix through it!!

  7. ty! and so far the organic stuff has worked out Ok, and its a lot cheaper to buy 12 bags of it than fox farm stuff ;p
  8. You have a lot of room to play with. Since you have some time before the seeds get there, you're looking for a high yield, and you have plenty of space with 2 600w HPS I'd go the extra mile and try a hydro grow. You could make a nice cheap DIY setup. If not look into perlite. I've heard some really good things and seen some really good grows with perlite. Either way I can't wait to see what your babies yield. How much space will you be working with when you move?
  9. Organic is great i agree with you fully i just think all mg soil is second rate compared to the likes of other brands.. Stick with soil tho your far less likely to have problems than hydro or 100% perlite.. You really should mix around 30% perlite in to that mg soil if anything tho..
  10. Hey man I have a space about your size done on a cheaper budget. About 750$. I see you might have more than that in yours. Check my space out to compare. I would NEVER intentionally stress feminized seeds cuz i did once and my plant hermied. BUT I usually get non fem'd seeds so I dont have to worry about stressing them. I then LST them late veg early flower, Then use a scrog to hold up the colas I pinned down for longest possible flowering time. Yield is all about the genetics of the plant, and the strains capabilities to create auxin hormones.

    Tried 2 new strains myself, Doing x6 Master Kush (Which I was told yields high) and x6 NY Power Diesel. All in 5 gal buckets under a 600w MH atm.

    I simply dont do hydro cause I grow > move alot myself. Hydro grows are a bitch to ditch or move. Plus with the higher investment, and all the hosing/seals. disturbing them and moving them could be costly. Dont really know cause I dont do hydro, strictly organic soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forest).

    But anyway dlpjr was saying he gets 26oz off 5 plants, averaging 6.5oz/per plant which sounds about right. With LST>Scrog I've gotten upwards of 8oz/per plant. But you have to be patient and wait through a longer flowering period. usually the latter end of the strain flowering recommendation. I even try to push past that, the yield increases greatly the longer you can wait.

    Hope I Helped ya man!

  11. my last full grow was actually hydro -) i just prefer soil because of how much easier it is. and yeah, i may end up getting some perlite, it seems popular on here!

    and -hopefully- about 2-3x the space i have now

  12. yeah i think i may be going to get some it seems to be highly recommended ;p

  13. i went and checked yours out, looks great! :D and i have always pulled mine when trichs were cloudy for the head high, but this time i think ima do what you suggested and wait it out as long as possible.
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    Sounds good to me man, you can still get a headier high from your stuff by curing properly. Do you usualy cure? or just dry? curing can cloud those trichs back up :)

    EDIT: I think that is what gives it taste.
  15. normally yes we cure our stuff, but i dont think we have the time for that this go round
  16. Ahh ok I see, I understand completely. I am doing all this in hopes of having a plentiful 4/20! so im looking at 4 week veg 8 week flower then 2 week dry time and i might have a week left to cure, not sure.
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    My personal best, working with SCRoG, with no Co2:

    2x3 screen, which is 6 square feet, yielded 12 oz of dried, cured bud. That's 2 oz per square foot. The entire area was adequately lit.

    Following the same logic, 6x4 screen, being 24 square feet, should/could be 48 oz.

    That's right at 3 lbs.

    If you've never grown before, your bud isn't going to taste like "bud" unless you dry and cure it properly. 1 month from chop, minimum, imo.

    SCRoG is super effective and alot of fun. 1 "top" per square, ideally. That thing is gonna be glorious in 2 months or so.

    There is really no need for topping or LSTing when using a screen. I mean, essentially, the screen IS LST. Once that first top gets bent down under the wire, the shit is going to explode with outward growth. Topping or LSTing is only causing un necessary stress to your plant.

    Also, from my experience, you're shooting for about 12-14 inches of growth above the screen. You can let em get bigger, but you're gonna need ALOT of light to penetrate. I switch to 12/12 once the screen is almost full, and the tops are all sitting roughly 2-4 inches above the screen.

    Long story short, yes, 2 lbs is a very realistic goal. Having only a 10-12 "harvests" under my belt, I believe that I could easily surpass that goal, using your setup.

  18. ill be following along -) good luck man. how much you think you'll end up with?

  19. im pretty up there right now :hippie: so im not gonna to reply to every single thing you said, but it gave me a lot of hope :D:D

    so how much lighting did you have when you got that 12oz harvest?
    and i just love a topped plant, and i was only gonna lst because i thought that would make training them into the screen easier in the long run. but i see what your saying so i may just stop lsting them before they hit the screen altogether
  20. 400w hps.

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