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Scrog grow box QandA

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by The.Darkness, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. yea, i got some massive starting help with this grow from gr0wer but still have a few kinda vauge parts of my plan. i started 3 of each variety i have (mango, nl5, and haze)
    and i put about 2/3 of a 16oz plastic cup full of soil and moistened em, put in seeds and ect, covered with saran wrap to keep moisture and i check cups every 6-12 hrs.

    the plan for thr grow is

    i have a cabinet that i just under 4ft
    i have a 1000 and a 400 mh and a 4ft dual flouro light.
    so i cant fit flouro in there( by about a cm of space) so its on a slight angle but seems to give even light distribution.
    the cabinet is about 27-28 inches inside hieght and just under 4ft length and is 22inches deep(crazy dimentions eh)
    im planning on have maybe 3-6 good females and just using the 400 witha hps conversion bulb wen flowing time comes.
    and i would like to do this grow scrog style so i have the least basic plants with most possible buds.
    so i basicly have 2 questions.
    would one of the average computer fans/muffin cooling fans
    work fine?
    i was thinking of having some hole in the bottom for passive intake and 2 fans on the back up top to draw away the hottest air from light and suck up smell.
    heres where it gets difficult
    i have to have this realatively smell free.
    seeing as my residence is fairly small (32x32 ~.~ )
    so i was wondering on any 'homemade' techniques for removing the odor. i heard that using a box of crushed charcoal and forcing the exhaust air through it works??
    does anyone have any expiriences with this method?
    and what would some other reasonable ways( meaning im a cheap bastard )
    of removing the smell from the cabinet.

    any and all random info about my grow
    or even remotely relating to my grow would be infintesimaly appreciated i wonder if infintesimaly is a real word? )

    help the newbie ><
  2. i dunno about putting a 400w in those short of dimensions..... its gonna be extremly hard to ventilate a 400w from burning the plants when its held like 2" from them... but if ya can id say go fro it...

    i think your gonna need a bit more than 1 fan though (like 3 or 4) to vent that light....

    and a super sheap air cleaning method ive heard of is leaving fresh ground coffee near the exaust... that way your house always smells lke fresh ground coffee.... just give it a stir one every few days and change at least once a month i think it would work:D
  3. yea, the way the 400 would work is the ballast would be on top and the light would not actually be in the cabinet and would have a glass cover on it for easier ventalation.
    so the lights would be atleast 1ft from plants at all times.
    coffee eh?
    who woulda thought ~-~

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