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  1. Hey guys. I've been reading these forums for hours upon hours for the past few nights, partly because I'm interested in growing MJ, but also because the different techniques interest the hell out of me. Makes you wonder at a plants survival skills.

    SCROG growing - I would LOVE to see some early in the process pictures. From what I understand, you let your plant grow to the screen, then bring it back under the screen and direct it growing around underneath, until you have "internodes" poking through each hole in the screen.

    What's an internode? Is this what they call the middle of the three leaves that make up a branch?

    Had trouble finding pictures that distinguished this. One of those visual learners:)

    Thank you for the time, much appreciated

  2. Check the advanced section for scrog tutorials and the grow journals for plenty of pics.
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    im a noob

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