SCROG for 80x80x160cm tent?

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  1. I've been doing some reading on SCROGs and they seem to be ideal for maximum efficiency indoor growing. I have a 80x80x160cm tent where I usually grow 4 plants in 9 liter pots (something around 2.3 gallons). would it make sense to do a SCROG under these conditions? based on what I've read, I'll only be able to grow 1 plant in this small area and still get more yield. what do you guys think?

  2. Sounds like a sweet set up. Id go for at least a 10 gallon pot if you only plan on doing a 1 plant scrog. What sort of lights are you using?
  3. I'm using a 400W HPS in a cool tube. Does the type of lights make a difference in a SCROG?
    also do you think a 1 plant SCROG will yield more than 4 plants with just minimal topping and trimming?
  4. You'll possibly get more with the scrog but in reality the limiting factor is space and light. The veg will take longer with the scrog as well so you should factor that in, fewer grows each year...
    damnit. the thing is, I have only a window of 14 weeks in total (during the semester) where I can grow and it's been tight every time so far.
    I was also considering main-lining instead of scrogging to increase yield but I read that doing that will make veg take 2-3 weeks longer as well.
  6. 14 weeks is plenty of time, make sure you pick a fast flowering strain(7-8 weeks). Or just cram in 9 plants and give them a short 2-3 week veg as a sea of green. Auto's are fast, some are completely finished in 8-10 weeks from seed.
    Pick the right strain and you'll have no problems.
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    I'm not so sure about autos, maybe I fucked up but my last grow was northern lights autos and a) they took longer than the advertised 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest and b.) the buds came out all dry and leaves were dying very fast. the buds didn't even smell like regular weed.
    so you're saying that a scrog with a fast flowering strain is feasible in a 14 week window? Also, I read the autoflowers aren't ideal for scrogging.
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    Autoflowers are definitely not ideal for ScrOGing. I imagine a nice, full healthy screen would take at least 6-8 weeks of veg time, and you just wouldn't be able to do it in the lifespan of an Auto.
  9. As above on auto's, just grow them out. I think trying to scrog anything is a bit ambitious still. Whatever you go for it's best to get a successful grow under your belt be for you start deliberately putting them under stress.. :)
  10. If you have autos, just grow them out.  They don't respond well to training.
    If you have regular plants, you probably will get more yield from 4 normal plants than 1 in a scrog, without a lot of work.  I'd recommend LST some regular plants first, then use that experience to scrog next time.

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