SCROG Flower... one per square??

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm scroging two feminized Holy Grail OG seeds I got as a five pack. Unfortunately the one on the right is a lot different from the one on the left. Left side, very indica dominant, short, bushy, tight nodes, exactly what I wanted. The one on the right has basically already filled out her half of the screen, seems sativa dominant if not 50/50 at best. Punnett Square and all. Anyway its time to flower as the right plant will take over soon if I don't.

    Thelma and Louise.JPG This is actually my first SCROG, does everyone allow just one chute per square to reach through when flowering? Or do you just let her go as is? If I do this each square would probably have more than one chute. I'm thinking I allow one and cull the rest. Correct? (Picture is 5 days old)
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  2. Heya GYO, looks good so far bro. I usually give each bract a separate square. To answer you question(s), I kinda scrog differently than you since I add the net later, after transition. And when depends on each strain's stretch capacity, which kinda comes with experience, although some info can be gathered on the net, and from breeders, etc. You can just let it go and not cull anything except underneath. I would have filled the space first. I've written up my methods of scrogging and invite you to compare.
    Here's what I got going on scrogwise atm (for comparison)
    cheers bro!

    edit: that one was a stretching strain, so I waited ~10days after light change to place the scrog net, and still see how much it stretched. I'm glad I waited with this plant.

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