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  1. So, after some initial stumbling with my first DWC grow, I've decided for my second plant I want to try a scrog. However, as many of you likely know, with DWC this can be hard to do as in order to change your reservoir you must remove the bucket. I'm thinking of using some decently strong wire, perhaps undone coathangers, for the outer perimeter, and using the same wire to support this square about eight inches above my bucket lid, attaching the supports at four points on my bucket lid via holes I'll burn through it. Then using either wire, or store bought netting, or twine, to fill in the square. Thus, hopefully, creating a scrog affixed solely to my lid, and easily removed with the lid. I'm in a small tent (32x32) so I'm only hoping to do a square ~16-20" per side, not sure yet.

    What are your thoughts on my main plan, and then also specifically the netting material, and spacing if I DIY the net via wire or twine? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from anyone who has done DWC and scrog!
  2. I am imaging this idea would work with the setup you are putting out there. Each plant has a 11 by 12 inch fence on top which is tied to the pots at 2 points. What I did was LST like crazy until they started flowering decently then I bent over the stalks and centered the fence and spread out the different stalks. Worked like a charm. The plant supports the fence while the yarn keeps the fence in plant.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. They look great! Do you have a pic of the supports by chance?
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