SCROG distance from canopy??

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  1. I want to build a scrog today to go over my plants today. They have a few more days in veg before flower. Question is how if I built it today how far should I have it from the canopy? Like right on top? And inch above? A foot above? Plz help!
  2. 420 Magazine had a good article on this in there website.
  3. Depends on the strain wehther its indica or sativa dominant and how many plants under whatever size screen, wattage etc need more info to make a good call.
  4. I got the stuff. Ok so the screen will be 25 inches up, and 35inches across both was. I'm making 2 if these.
  5. My watts r 1200, 2 plants...
  6. ok so 35'' squared for each plant how tall are they now?I would put the screen just above the plants about an inch or 2 so you can start trainin straight away as soon as they reach it to make sure you fill the screen.Flip to flower whenever you think is best for your strain if its a sativa then pretty soon I guess hard to judge without pics have a look at a few scrog guides and journals
  7. Check my journal. They r 45ish days into veg. Indica
  8. They r about 23 inches high from floor. About 11 inches from top of bucket
  9. There. Now I'm gonna tie twine 2inchea a part

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