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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pirate420, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. i want to know if i started flowering too early using my scrog setup w/ 400w hps.

    is the entire screen supposed to be "filled out" at the end of the veg stage or not...because when i started 12/12 only about half was filled out with 3 plants.

    i see quite a few bud sites on each plant but most of them are at the bottom, and not near the surface of the screen where they will get most light :( . will the plant grow more bud sites during the 8-10 weeks of flowering it goes through or am i screwed?

    also, if i think i started flowering too early is it too late to go back to veg stage? its only been 3 days on 12/12
  2. you might be able to go back if it's only been 3 days. but don't forget that the plant will stretch some. certain strains will even double in size.

    i think scrog takes some practice getting to look perfect and evenly filled but don't worry.

    go read up some more. there have been some well documented scrog grows go through here i'm sure that would help you the most, seeing how it's done with pictures. :p

    anyways good luck
  3. you don't want the scrog completely filled in before you start flowering. You need to leave room to tuck branches under during the stretch.

    i'd sugest about 50-60% full for sativa and 75% full for an indica before you flip the switch.

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