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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if I need to use any trimming or topping on my plants before or during the actual scrogging? And can I scrog 4 plants in a 4.5'×2.5' or should I just do two? Plus can i scrog two different strains together at the same time in the same screen or should I try to do some kind of modular scrog setup for each strain?
  2. Any help would be appreciated. I've done a lot of research on it but can't seem to get an answer on this? Plus everyone has a different opinion about what's best so I'm just looking for someone who has done it and give me advice for guaranteed results. Like I said this is my first grow and I'm sure I will learn a lot throughout the process but just need a little beginning guidance. Thank you
  3. No topping required If you are about to screen them, although usually I top at least once during veg to promote branching - it's not required though. What you will want to do though is trim below the screen after the plants have grown through it and established themselves. Usually I trim all small unnecessary branches below the screen, while leaving some of the large healthy fan leaves. But you do want to trim up the below-screen area for airflow.

    I wouldn't put more than 2 plants in that space. Depending on the size of the plant, a single plant could easily take up a 4'x4' and much more if it's huge.

    And as far as multiple strains in one screen - it's not that big of a deal, unless they have very different growing traits - such as one is naturally short and one is naturally more lanky/tall. In that situation it's not ideal, but not impossible with proper training. Most of my runs have multiple strains in 4'x8' screens, I just group the shorter ones to one end so I can raise the other side if needed for the stretchy strains.
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    I always top my intended scrog plants several times so i have more dominant tops/branches, vegging for 6 weeks with 3 plants in 7gal planters completely over runs my 4x4 screen, it really depends on how long you veg and how much your plant stretches once flipped, since IMO scrog is all about maximizing your space and light i like to veg until over half my screen is filled before switching but i know they will stretch enough to fill the other half.. last scrog i ran tangerine dream and sativa sour diesel i had to boost the tangerine dream pot up into the screen 10in because they grow slower and bushy compared to SD by the end it was one full carpet of buds
  5. Ok thanks guys! What height would you recommend between the pots and the trellis? And in order to maximize my 5 gal pots when should I transplant to get ready for scrog?
  6. I like to have 2' minimum between soil and trellis for airflow and space to water, but that's also personal preference.

    And transplant at least 2 weeks prior to flowering to give the roots a chance to establish.
  7. I agree with mandoluce 18-24inch i like enough room i can easily water, add worm castings and inspect for bugs but i have lots of headroom...
  8. Ok thanks guys

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