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Scrog And Da Octagon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Humboldtbuddha, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. So here she is folks ...this is My adaptation of a Octagon Scrog chamber ........ this one hold 72 and was built for cancer patient partner of mine .... all plants are headband ( diesel ) and about 4 weeks into veg about to switch to 12 / 12 photo period


    here's a top view


    here's a lil close up....


    all thats left is to weave and train those lil honey's and then blammo .....Da bomb
  2. very nice, ive seen those tubes on bulb sites. I now know how to use my space efficiently, thanks for sharing. btw? you do have the pots on a tilt right, towards the light?
  3. Hey there all ... yup those planting beds are on a 1 inch pitch too 8 inches travel so not to much of a slant but enough to encourage them to lean towards light ...
  4. that's pretty fucken sophisticated, man... awesome :wave:

    so you grow for medical-? sorry if i don't understand that part of your post, but whatever, yer doing a great job! :p
  5. you got it right all my grows are 215 grows thats the medical MJ statute here in cali ..... all my friends and I are all 215 patients and can legally grow and own weed ... dont you just love Cali...
  6. ha ha i'm sure i'd love it if i lived near you! :p
  7. this should be in the growing forum

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