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  1. What do you blades think they'd prescribe for moderate shakes and moderate anxiety?
    I can't talk to people, the only friends I have are met by friends of friend contact, or if I'm in a group setting that's forced. ex: projects, teams.

    SWIM said that I'd get klon + xan but who knows..

    Any ideas?
  2. Depends on your doctor but you'll most likely get some kind of benzo. Klons, valium, xanax.
  3. Social Anxiety will almost always get you Klonopin and Lexapro.

  4. True dat, that's exactly what I got at first. Not that there's anything wrong with either of those medications, though everyone who posts after me will trash Lexapro because it's an SSRI (look it up). But SSRIs DO help some people, they've just gotten a bad reputation (especially among recreational drug users) because they:
    1. are not recreational
    2. affect your Serotonin levels so it's difficult/impossible to roll or trip while on them (but stopping for ~5 days prior to rolling/tripping seemed to alleviate the problem for me)
  5. Who the fucks SWIM? Keep that shit out of GC please. Just say I.
  6. lol yep
  7. depends on your past scripts too...

    like if you havent gotten any serious pharms yet, you'll prob start off small w/ lorazepam, but if it doesnt work & you tell ur doc that, theyll keep upgrading till u say it works... to a certain extent..
    :bongin: <-- i just liked this one

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