screwed by the law

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  1. hello gc
    i was recently out at SDSU at my friends frat house and i was walking back to my car at
    around 230 AM and i was stopped by a police officer. the cop asked my why i was wearing my backpack and then told me that people carry guns and drugs on them and i told them i had nothing illegal in my backpack. I had my medical marijuana (10 grams), a grinder, and my recommendation on me. i was instructed to place my backpack on the hood of the squad car. i said i didnt consent to a search and he then seated me on the ground and proceeded to search my backpack. the officer seized my medication but gave me the grinder back which still had some of my medication in it. the cop said i cant smoke it in public and i informed him that i didnt i always medicate in a private residence. long story short i was charged with possession and recommendation was taken away from me because it is "evidence"
    i strongly feel the need to fight the case in court but i am seeking some advice on how to go about doing so. my court date is on november 25th.
  2. go see your doctor and get another recommendation
  3. get a lawyer that specizlizes in medical marijuana cases...i dont see a way you can lose if you do

  4. Agreed. The officer had no right for the seizures or citations.
  5. That is Illegal search and seizure isn't it? i mean you shouldnt have a hard time winning that, he had no PC and you didnt consent and he searched anyway..

    Hope it all works out for ya
  6. thats fucked up how can he take it if you have a perscription? fucking dick cops who fuck you over for weed are the worst
  7. You have a fucking perscription...HELL YEAH TAKE IT TO COURT, BEND THAT FUCKER (cop) OVER!!!
  8. as long as you can get that recommendation back, or another from your doctor (which shouldn't be a problem if you state your situation) the taking them to court will be a breeze

    or you could just
    [ame=""]YouTube - dave chappelle I plead da fif[/ame]
  9. Fucking asshole cop. Cops continue to fuck with us because they know they can get away with it. If you take this to court, you will most likely win a decision based on the fact that you did not consent to a search and you were not in violation of any law. The worst case scenario, you will have to cough up the money for an attorney. Any attorney that specializes in medical marijuana defenses will have a field day with this jerk off, but nothing will happen to him. He will probably receive a pat on the back and get some kind of boy scout badge for 'doing a good job'. Fucking pigs. Suck it up dude and chalk it up as a learning experience. There are some cops that are cool with weed and will not harass you, but most are douche bags.

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