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    I've been working at Little Caesars for two weeks now and on my first day my manager told me that they'd take $25 out of my first check for my uniforms. Then gave me a dirty shirt out of a crate next to her for the meantime. I got hired at a movie theater yesterday, it pays more, so I had to quit Little Caesars. So I went into Little Caesars today and told my manager the situation and that I was quitting. It just so happened to be payday (my first paycheck) so she grabbed my check and gave it to me. I asked her if the $25 was taken out and she said Yes because she got my uniforms in this morning. I was still missing an apron btw but that's not the point. So I asked her if I would be able to get that $25 because she gave them to me AFTER I quit and was never even used them. She said no and I took the uniforms and she told me I should have another paycheck in two weeks. I get in my car and look at my check. Minus the $25 uniforms and taxes I came out with $1.51 :mad: and the bank it was from was called "Trustbank" and I've never heard of that before. So I took it to my local bank and they told me that they couldn't cash it because I didn't have an account there and that the nearst Trustbank is in MEMPHIS. I live an hour and a half from Memphis. Definitely not worth the drive. I told my family about it and they said it might be worth taking to small claims court but I'm not sure if I want to pursue that. Overall it's just been a cruddy day..

    EDIT: turns out I only worked 1 small shift in that payperiod for the first check, that's why I'm getting another in 2 weeks

    Update: I returned the uniforms and talked to my manager about it. I'll be getting the $25 added to my next check that I pick up in two weeks. All is well :)
  2. So your check was $26.51? Court might laugh at you for that. I'd say cut your losses and take it as an experience in life.
    Be happy you got a better job. Don't let shitty people ruin your day, you're better.
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  3. Forgot to put this in there. I only worked 1 day in that pay period for my first check and that's why it was so small. Probably a big part to put in haha. But thank you man :)
  4. Cut your losses on the $25. Keep the shirt just because you paid for it.

    The check could be as simple as the pay period only reflected your first day- which was probably just a few hours of "orientation", more than likely after taxes that was less than $30. By all means, have a pretty good idea of how many hours you should be getting paid for and be sure the next check reflects those hours.

    If your check next check doesn't, hire an attorney. After court fees, small claims would likely cost you money in the end, but depending how your state (TN I assume) labor laws are you may need to go that route before bringing a civil suit against an employer- which I would consider doing to any business owner dumb enough to refuse to pay me for any reason.

    I wouldn't read into the bank. The franchisee more than likely operates several stores in your region, and probably made the largest city in your area their "home base" and used that bank.

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  5. No worries, just keep working hard and eventually you'll find a place that'll take care of you.
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  6. Lmao. I quit little Caesars maybe 2-3 months in? It was a new location and my first minimum wage job when my others had paid more. I was desperate. I ended up quitting. They gave me my last check which had a weird duplicate check on it that they told me not to cash because it wasn't an actual check. I managed to cash both of them at some check cashing place. Bought maybe a half ounce with some of that cash. LOL
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  7. Everyone who started working at a young age has had a shit job. When I was 16, I worked a clean up job at a local shopping mall. I had that job for 2 days. I put a floor buffer through a huge plate glass display, was sacked on the spot & my pay was forfeited for the damage I did.

    Just part of the process to convince a person to find a path to a better life.
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  8. Chalk it up as a slight loss and move on. I could fill several volumes with miserable and ridiculous stories, the fast food industry sucks.
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  9. So how exactly did they screw you? You knew $25 was coming out of the check and the uniforms were already ordered before you decided to quit. If you want to cash a check then either go to Walmart or get a bank account like an adult. It isn't their fault you don't have your shit together.
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  10. I think that if you never wore the uniform, and returned it clean and unused, they have to give you your money back on your next check. At least, that has been my experience everywhere I have worked that makes you pay for uniforms.
    Btw, I am a fellow Memphis toker, too. Represent!

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  11. I wasn't taking it there to cash it. I don't need $1.51.. I was taking it there to get some information. It's my fault for not explaining that well enough. Don't be so sour
  12. Roll a big joint in that tiny check and burn that memory away. You're young enough. That was no more than a pinky finger fingerbang. Wait until you're older and you get the whole damn fist.
  13. You didn't get screwed. You quit after you agreed to them taking the money out of your check to pay for the uniform, and after they ordered the uniform. You should also have a bank account at your local bank, so thats your fault too. You should consider yourself lucky for getting a better job.

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  14. never used the uniform, never had a reason for them. No reason to charge me for something never used. I don't need an account at my local bank either. Never had a need for it and still do not. Fuck off
  15. They already ordered it, and you agreed to that... Its like having someone order you a pizza from someplace and then you change your mind, you still gotta fucking pay for it... clearly you did need a need a bank account to cash your check, and again you could've confirmed that with your employer awhile ago. You didnt get screwed at all...

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    No it is not like ordering a pizza. If you order ANYTHING, and do not take possession , you are not held financially responsible.
    The point of charging employees for uniforms is to keep costs down. Many times people get their uniforms and quit soon after. If said uniform was never used or taken, there should be no charge to employee. It is basically a deposit. When an employee of mine returns their uniform, they get their money back. No return of uniform, no money returned.
    If you really want your money back, call corporate.
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  17. Lmfao first world problems ahahah

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  18. Regardless there is no reason to complain or act like they screwed you. Many companies make employees buy uniforms and many times when you work for a corporation your check will come from a bank in another city. Both are quite common occurrences. If anything you screwed them by wasting their time and money.

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