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  1. So about a month ago I ordered 60$ worth of seeds from attitude. A week after the order was placed the status changed to delivered, but the seeds never came.. I checked my mail every single day when it came and the seeds were not there. So I email attitude and they have been really rude and acting like I'm trying to scam them, first saying they could meet me halfway then saying there's nothing they can do.. I had always heard attitude was awesome with customer service, and am pretty sad that I wasted 60$ on nothing. Anyone had similar problems and figured out a way to get it remedied? I've been emailing them constantly and their replies are at this point nothing more than 4 word ones.. How could the seeds even go from the UK to my mailbox in 7 days?
  2. sorry to hear. ive ordered attitude, and it came with a tshirt included. hopefully not an expensive order.. perhaps customs nabbed em?
  3. IF it has only been a month give it some time and they should still show up :)
  4. Did you select the "Guaranteed Shipping" option? If not, then you're probably shit outta luck man, sorry. They could still just be floating around the mail somewhere, but who knows. I've ordered Attitude twice, the last time with a t-shirt and Guaranteed Shipping, gotta say that peace-of-mind is definitely worth the $10.

  5. I'll have to check if I got the gaurentee, thanks
  6. I've also had 100% success with the guaranteed shipping option,

    for the most part they can't do much if customs decides they want to nab some seeds.
  7. I went through the EXACT same thing with them...lost 180 dollars worth of seeds and it stated they had "been delivered". After no help from the customer service i asked them if i could just reorder the same order (figuring that would show them i wasn't trying to scam them) and asked if they could throw in a couple freebies due to my loss. They told me they would and when they FINALLY arrived i didn't get any but that is life i suppose. I had always heard great stuff from them and will order again just because i doubt it was their fault...just sucks it happened to play out like that, hope yours shows up man!
  8. I've had 3 out of 3 successful orders through Nirvana, shipping to a different address each time. Less of a selection but maybe give them a try next time.

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