Screw Ti Plates

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Magicalpoopsi, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey Everybody, Just got these made by my buddy bank, also a sick tube done by a friend of mine Ghost.

    No mass TI plates :)
    Ghost Tube
  2. um. obviously gonna need more pictures of the GHOST TUBEEEEE. come on man haha, can't leave me hanging like that.
  3. Its a great tube, 18 inch two perc, ones a removable tree perc. Ill get some more pics up here tonight when i slap up some more domes.
  4. that's a nice errling travel case you got there though.
  5. Removable tree perc? Is it like a 2010bc lego tube? Still, sweet domes, errl it up!
  6. its an 06 tube, so its a little old, but what tubes have you seen with no bell?
    As for the Traveling case, its just a gun case.
  7. Aren't Ti plates/bells more efficient than glass? As far as heating time and holding heat. Just wondering, I've never used either, but I'm certainly interested in them. Either way, the glass domes look cooler. ;)

    And I second the need for more tube pics.
  8. black joints are too sick!

  9. Ive got no idea, I just know I hate Metal, and Ive got some Quartz nails being made so Ill have that whole retaining heat deal solved.

    My only issue with the domes is the nail, as over time the nails will wrap but it takes quite a while but it will happen.

    heres some other Dome stuff by Bank.

  10. i like domes, but i feel like a curve gives a better, let airy hit. it's all preference though. a huge oil rip out of a dome is harsher to me than off of TI and a curve because of that airyness though.
  11. I use my curve every now and then, i think i am going to start using the bubble bags instead of making my trim into bho. Anyone do both? differences?
  12. well i know that bho is best when using popcorn nugs. trim is best for bubble. but i've never made bubble, i've just heard that.
  13. Im not sure about that, With the bubble youll get more, but the BHO is way more potent.
    SWIM always dried his out 100% and ground it to dust to do the BHO extraction.

    Carbon Filters, and water is a must have for any dome.....So smooth MMMMMMMMMM
  14. yeah like i said, never tried to make bubble. but i know for a fact that bho works best with popcorn nugs for the first run, then ground up for the second run. you'll get the best yield and potency this way.
  15. sick domes man!
  16. Thanks, Im trying to decide how I want the next series done and what not.

    Black Grounds or clear??

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