Screw healthcare reform

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    Let me get this straight......we've passed a
    care plan
    written by a committee whose chairman says
    he doesn't understand it,

    passed by a Congress that hasn't
    read it but exempts themselves from it,

    to be signed by a president that also hasn't read it
    and who smokes,

    with funding administered by a treasury chief
    who didn't pay
    his taxes,

    all to be overseen by a surgeon general
    who is

    and financed by a country that's broke.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. hmmm...yeah,i think it already happened :confused:
  3. It doesn't matter it was the worst idea to consider at the current state of our country.
  4. Boy, somebody should really wake him up so he can catch up on the last year or two. I wonder if he even knows about the other trillion dollars sucked from our pockets to pay for bailouts?

    Seriously dude, this decision has become fucking par for the course with this Congress.
  5. what we need is less regulation on personal and economic issues and more crime reform, such as releasing all marijuana only offenders. Legalizing all cannabis and eliminate excessive government spending. We could use cannabis to dig us out of this hole.
  6. Ha ha ha... Don't get me wrong man, I'm 100% behind efforts to legalize and I can appreciate that tax money raised from its re-legalization would not be anything to scoff at, but the national debt is nearing 12 trillion dollars.

    Releasing nonviolent criminals and legalizing soft drugs would be a good financial decision, but it's certainly not the solution.
  7. Obama, Pelosi and the Dems are pretty much human turds. :rolleyes:

  8. I don't see your point here. I did run for office in my college and I won. I can't run for any other offices until I become 21 in my town so it ain't gonna happen. However I spread the word every where, not just here. So before you pretend like you know me stop, and realize you dont really know anyone here. In order to run for any significant position here you must be 21 anyway. So all I can do now is bitch and be a voter.
  9. I agree it's not the solution by anymeans, but it's a stepping stone to getting out of this hole. Something else needs to be done by I can't be sure what we should do next.
  10. I wouldn't underestimate the cannabis plant. Setting cannabis for medicinal and recreational use aside, the hemp plant also has innumerable uses in the agricultural, food, textile and manufacturing industries.
  11. this.

    as well as us saving billions from us having a war on drugs and poverty.
  12. This is the Politics forum, I think he can post about current political issues here. If you don't agree with his opinion like you obviously do, then why don't you offer a rebuttal or something instead of a "STFU".

    In my opinion the government is just passing this bill because it means more government control for them. I doubt they care about healthcare at all.
  13. The Dems are running low on voters, this is the best way to keep the dependant masses voting for their freebies. The right to own a house didn't work out too well, lets see how this "right" works out.
  14. heh, the solution is for us to stop borrowing money.

    Every time I hear someone talk about the national debt I wonder if they know who we owe our debt to. Well if you don't know, we owe it to the central bank. Yes, the same EXACT thing that we fought for in the American revolution and somehow we end up having one now.

    We borrow all of our money from them ( the central bank), at interest. Interest that gets partially, but never fully, paid back through income taxes. But we always need more money, so we have to keep borrowing more--especially if we go to war--so we borrow greater and greater amounts, until our national debt is so high that there is never any hope of even reducing the amount, all we can do is chip away at it, like an inmate chips away at a rock in a prison yard.

    Now, do you guys see why it WILL take us YEARS to get out of the war? The more we stay at war, the more money the central bank makes from us. Why do you think we are in a depression right now ?

    /American history 101

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