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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glenn, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. anyone know what makes a good substitute screens?
  2. you need a screen??

    Get one from your sink if you havn't already used that one

    Just unscrew the faucet..and take out the's exactly the same thing it the no so good for you way

    take a piece of aluminum foil.and take a pin and poke numerous holes in I aint to good for you..but it works

    Hope I helped
  3. you can also go to Home Depot or some other hardware store and for about 25 cents you can buy a faucet screen mentioned above but brand new.
  4. If there's a hemp shop or the like around, you should be able to pick up screens cheap. I got 5 screens for a dollar....
  5. you can make a pretty sturdy screen that will last a long time out of a pipe cleaner, you know the fuzzy things with a pair of twisted wires and some cotton in between. Roll it up in a spiral to the size you like. Burn the cotton away with a flame. remove eccess wire. Voila.
  6. DO NOT USE ALUMINUM OR A TIN some of my other is bad, do not, no dont stop dont consider it....PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEE you willlll think you are dying NOON ONO NONONNO N ON ON ON NON NO NO
  7. Was just wunnering. What if you got some wire wool and put a bit o cloth underneath it to stop the wool getting into the pip and ur lungs and the wool for the hot bit that could make the cloth burn or shit?
  8. what seems to be your problem with screens? the way, when i used aluminum, i took three hits and thought i was dying seriously that i use screens i have taken upwards of 10 or 11 hits off my bong and been thoroughly relaxed

  9. screens on dors and windows seem to look like theyd work..but the majority of them are actually made out of nylon...go ahead and cut one up smetime and check it out up doubt those suckers would melt as soon as you touched a flame to them....
  10. yeah, nubbin couldnt be more right....tried that one time and got a lung full of nasty shit....fucked up a bit of my dank.

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