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Screen won't stay in bowl

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by nunsbythebundle, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. I just bought a brand new bong. Its my first bong but I've used them before. I tried to put in a screen but it kept popping out so iI cut it smaller but it still kept happening. I ended up using some tinfoil. How do I stop it from coming out?
  2. wouldnt use tin foil in the bong... can you post pictures to see what the bowl looks like?
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    I couldn't link real image. It was way too big. The hole is like 3mm in diameter
  4. Just put a big nug in first.. A perfect screen that will get you higher.
  5. Put the screen in there then use your pinky to jam it in so it bends and contours to the bowl. You want the cut the screen just a little bit bigger than the hole that way it makes a bowl shape once you press it in. If your fingers are too big use a pencil eraser.
  6. you need to build up the resin in the bowl so the screen has something to stick to. smoke a few bowls, then try putting the screen in again
  7. Uh..

    yeah, i dont think so. lol
  8. Yea I wouldn't use tin foil. Your probably using those really thick stainless screens, those can be a bitch. I cut mine down and bend them, and they work great, and hold up pretty well too.

    Try using brass screens, there much more workable, but they clog up faster. If all else fails, just get a glass screen.

  9. Yeah this or get a glass screen, what i do with metal on a new glass slide is rest the screen in the bowl then sprinkle bud onto it then smoke out of it the air from your pull will pull the screen down and the bud ontop should add resin to make it stick.

    In reality you should get a glass screen because eventually that metal screen will tear open from all the sucking a bunch of weed smoke through it contantly
  10. Dude do NOT use tinfoil! That shit is bad for you... The screen won't fit cuz you got the wrong size.... Next time ask for a glass screen and in the meantime use a piece if glass from a broken beer bottle as a screen

  11. Glass screens are Great But I would never use a broken piece of glass!:cool:
  12. Why not? As long as it ain't a dry pipe, no worries.
  13. this.
    this is what i do.
  14. i had this problem the other day screen wouldnt stay so i just scraped a big ass ball of resin from my pipe and broke fat balls off of it and stuck it all around the hole so the bud cant fall through now its hard and built up and looks like a pefect small little hole
  15. but you're smoking resin too. :/
    which i have nothing against if i'm out of weed.
    but i don't like the taste.
  16. you just gotta get a small resin build up in the bowl so the screen has somthing to stick to if you have ever noticed glass is vary slippery
  17. Hello try the glass gauze its in the accessory section on the store or you can get them at your local hs

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