Screen is shifted. Dunno how to fix it

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  1. If you look at the bottom right you'll see how the screen just cuts off where the clock/time should be. I've changed the screen resolution and everything. Still no fix. I can't get the screen to center.

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  2. have you tried pouring water on it?

  3. lol'd

    try simply unplugging and turning off and then restart the computer and plug them back in.

    What kind of screen, what kind of connection.
  4. Have you tried changing the position settings on the monitor itself? Or is that a laptop?
  5. Yeah it's a laptop
  6. Did you update the video driver recently?
  7. Nah. I did a system restore to see if it would fix it but it still didn't. I may just need to get a new monitor
  8. On desktop - right click - personalize - screen resolution - pick one that is appropiate for your screen.
  9. Actually since it's 7 the screen resolution thing is in the context menu itself
  10. There is multiple ways the access it...
  11. But hes saying its in the first menu, no need to go into personalize, ect.

    Right click, says Screen Resolution right there....

    either way he tried that already says it right in the OP.

    Is it just the taskbar cutting off or its the entire screen? because the background still looks centered to me...

    like if you fullscreen a youtube video does that cut off or is it good?
  12. Try making sure your drivers are up to date..I recently formatted my laptop, and it looked like shit when I reinstalled, I couldn't even turn on my Wi-Fi until I installed and updated all my correct drivers (and of course that night of all nights my internet goes out so I was forced to download everything on my phone to my sd card then insert the card into my laptop and install drivers that way lol)
  13. 1 - Try installing the latest video driver from the manufacturer

    2 -If that doesn't work, try rebooting into VGA Mode (Google it, it's done just like going into Safe Mode). Does it still cut off?
  14. Looks like it's in 640x480 resolution with all the icons being so big. When you change resolutions, does it actually change? Like do you see the icons get smaller if you set it to the highest resolution? If not, it's a driver problem. Uninstall your video driver, then run driver sweeper to remove crap left behind. Then reinstall the newest video driver.
  15. The icons get smaller but the screen is still shifted. Like say if I have a game that's full screen I can't play it because only like 85% of the screen is shown.
  16. Ill try it real quick
  17. It even does it at the starting windows screen. The laptop was given to me so I'm pretty sure my friend fucked it up somehow.
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    How about during the BIOS? If you enter the BIOS menus is it still shifted?

    Sounds like it might be a hardware issue.

    Does it do the same thing if you connect an external display? You could try opening the laptop and disconnecting/reconnecting the ribbon cable for the LCD to see if it helps. Don't think it will but it might be worth a try.
  19. I have another monitor but I'm too lazy to hook it up to my laptop. Ill try it today and see if the screen is still fucked up

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