screen in bongs?

Discussion in 'General' started by homack, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. I'm just about to buy my first glass bong and I was wondering should I buy screens for it as well? What about for a glass pipe?
  2. you usually dont need a screen unless you smoke tons of shake i guess.. the wholes are usually small enough so you can pack a bowl but loose enough for you to be able to hit it.

  3. Around here we only use screens when absolutly necessary. The last thing we need is something else to spend money on.

    The purpose of a screen is to keep you from suckin ash into your mouth. I don't think I've ever used a screen in a bong cuz most of the time the water stops the ash.

    As for pipes, it depends on the style. If ur looking for something like a spoon you'll probably be ok without a screen. Other kinds of pipes (bats, chillums) I would say definitley get a screen. So it depends on what ur interested in.
  4. ya, you dont want a screen in a glass pipe- it would look, how would my gramma say this.. "tacky"

  5. there's nothing wrong with screens in glass pipes!

    i have a little steel gauze in my glass piece and you can hardly see it. it's there so no weed falls through the bowl.

    weed falling through the bowl = waste

    gauze over the bowl = preventing waste

    EDIT---> I've been using the same screen for almost a year now. It isn't broken or worn, and they're very easy to clean. So It's not gonna hurt to buy a few screens which'll last you forever as long as you don't get violent with it. HIYAAH!

    like bruce lee shit up in there.
  6. i always put a screen in my glass bongs.... nothing worse than smoking your last bowlful only to see half of it get sucked into the water :.( waaaaaaa!
  7. Its your preference. Some of us like to souck there ash down into the water. And it is a nuisance to not drop the screen when you empty the used bowl.
    I need another ive lost my last. :)

  8. I've perfected bowl packing for my bong to the point where I don't need a screen. The only time I suck anything through my bong is when the bowl is completely ashed. I find it amusing to watch newbs insist on packing a bowl in my bong only to suck all their precious weed through..... heheh.... :)

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