Screen for a one hitter?

Discussion in 'General' started by txtornado13, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Is that possible at all? Tired of this bitch shitting in my mouth constantly.

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  2. I sell those at my shop. No, your best bet is a small mini pipe

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    But a one hitter = no screen.

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  3. They most likely sell little tiny glass triangle shaped things at your local head shop. They stay loose until you have enough resin for it to stick in there by itself. I've never seen them used with that cigarette dug out thing though. You pretty much have no options for a screen for that pipe. Try taking lighter drags. That's really the only way your gonna keep it from taking a shit in your mouth.
  4. there is a way, because I own the exact same one. just get some screens from a pipe shop, cut it down or roll it like a burrito and shove it in there. just don't forget about it, a safety pin easily removes it to change screens.
  5. Ahh OK. Will try this! I also do have the glass screen as well.
    Shit load of metal screens too. I will try both tomorrow after work :)

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