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  1. Can someone explain to me the appeal...i just don't get it?
  2. well that would depend, what bands are you considering screamo that you don't understand the appeal of.

    i swear to god if you say poison the well i will kill you.
  3. at first read of your reply i read the "poison" part before the "the well" part and thought of the awful 80s hair band...that would have been funny...

    well, back you to your question, i think that some bands are good like At the Drive In (was...), i saw them like at KROQ Acoustic Christmas concert in Los Angeles and they were really amazing, also sparta its ofshoot is good, but outside of that, i feal like alot of others are just not very good musicians trying to make music, i say, leave it to the pro's
  4. i agree, at the drive-in started off awesome musically.. Vaya is a straight up great rock record. but dude. give it a chance. have you heard I hate myself or Saetia or Hot Cross or Against Me! ? all of those bands are very awesome musically. and in my definition sort of screamo.
  5. I think I hate screamo, but I'm not even 100% sure that I know what it is. Is it like shitty hardcore or just emo with screaming? I'm pretty sure my roommate plays that shit a lot(he loves Against Me, and a shit load of other stuff like that). I absolutely hate that crap. A lot of hardcore is good though. Could someone name some more screamo bands so I can be sure of my hatred of it?
  6. I really think that life couldn't possibly be as bad as screamo bands want you to think it is with all those super "woe is me" lyrics, GET CREATIVE, and if life really is that bad...then try to convey it in new and unusual ways, avoid clichés please
  7. Fuck screamo. At The Drive In definately aren't screamo. I mean yeah the singer screams a lot but they're not a no talent emo band that screams to seem more emotional, they actually knew what they were doing and made great music. And I wouldn't really say against me! are screamo, yeah the singer screams sometimes but they don't sing about girls breaking their hearts they sing about more important shit like politics. Screamo's pretty bad though, I hate bands that have lyrics like "It was a cold december, and she ripped my heart out". Bands like story of the year and poison the well who scream to try to be emotional can eat my ass.
  8. haha i guess i could've just agreed with mooneybrave but I didn't read his post until after i posted.
  9. Yeah, I don't really know why i singled out screamo in particular, there are plenty of genres with crappy music, screamo just seemed to be especially on my nerves at the time, there will always be a few good bands withing a generally bad genre, however, Linkin Park sucks, and im ready to debate that, their only talent is marketing thus making them a tool to the capitalist machine that is the american music industry...huh, maybe thats why there are so many good bands coming out of england and australia...really makes you think huh
  10. whose to say what sucks and what doesnt suck, i personaly like "screamo". anyone who makes music is making art and its all how you look at it
  11. Screamo is not a type of music. Its describes music that has no genre. Critics call Thursday, Coheed and Cambria, Story of the year, and Taking Back Sunday screamo, because they need to define a band in one word, and thats one word that does separate them from the rest, but there not screaming lunatics. Its music that sometimes in the middle of the song screams its lyrics but its not ment to signify that its a screamo band, its just how the band wanted to accentuate the song. And i dont think enough bands do scream. Most mainstream bands will sing, and sing, and it doesnt reach an apex where as other bands that do scream it shows a heighteneed sense of emergency, emotion, and sincerity.
  12. Alot of people are not making art, i think thats a bit niave, 90 percent of pop music today is product, made by capitalist record companies

  13. You need to listen to more metal, hardcore, and metalcore!

  14. Against Me is not screamo. Screamo sucks, while Against Me is half decent.

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