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  1. who else loves the scream franchise? I just recently watched all fou movies in a row and have fallen in love with them. I got insanly ripped n watched em all in one night. idk what it was but while watching em it hit me that unlike most iconic slasher films, this could really happen in the real world, which gives these films a different feeling to me. makes em more scary, which they need cause even though I love them the scares and gore isnt there for me, then again I have high expectations in horror films ever since they released hatchet years ago lol.

    what are your guys thoughts on the scream films? what do you love about them, or hate about them? id love tp hear back, and hear what your thoughts are about the plot, who your favorite killer is, etc. and what do you guys think the plot for scream 5 is gonna play out like?
  2. I liked the first 3 Scream movies.. the 4th one... ehh.. not so much.. and no, I'm not excited for the 5th installment because of the 4th one lol.
    but who knows, they might surprise me.
    my favorite series as a kid was the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Robert Englund is one of my favorite actors.
    my father raised my siblings and I on horror movies... at age 5 or 6 I watched the original directors cut of
    the Exorcist (1973) and that shit was crazy nuts.  I'm a huge fan  of the Saw series.. I used to like the
    'I know What You Did Last Summer' series, but that quickly faded out...

  3. yeah the first three are my favorite, 4 was good but i didnt care for the killers and just felt like something was missing.

    the 5th one us suppose to end the series but they said the same thing about part 3 lol.

    the nightmare series is amazing, new nightmare was the first one I ever saw, my fav out of the series. i was raised on the childs play franchise originally tho will always be my number 1 lol.

    i know what you did last summer was another favorite as well but the 3rd one ruined it for me.
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    I am too old for the scream series. I live that shit everyday with my wife lol.
  5. Wes Craven was nearly 60 when he made the first one :smoking:
  6. Scream is a decent franchise, no doubt about that. Back in the day it really shook things up in the horror business. It was a staple for a while.
    The first will always be my favorite... Man, nothing sends chills like the ending to that movie. Scream 2 was an enjoyable sequel, but the ending just made the whole thing feel forced. And then Scream 3 came along and supposedly 'ended' it with a nice return to it's roots, so to say. I guess in short I really love the original, find 2 enjoyable, and really like 3. Seen them all plenty of times, they're classics.
    I've watched Scream 4 once and kinda wish I hadn't. Just felt so tacked on and not necessary... Poor Sydney, I actually hoped that she had made it through it all in 3 and then she had to get sucked back into that stupid shit... And it's always family family family... Everyone's family is nuts in this world.

    I'm interested to see what MTV will do with their new Scream TV series that doesn't feature Ghost Face. Is anyone even sure Scream 5 is a legit thing?
  7. yeah I can totally agree with you, the first three are awesome in my opinion, all rank even with me. but 4 is just eh. didnt care for the killers, the characters wernt built up enough to even remember them, the hospital scene is not needed either.

    scream 5 is a confirmed movie, just not anywhere close to production. right now the script is still being written. yeah the mtv series will be interesting even though im not a fan of mtv produced shows these days.
  8. Great franchise, I was actually just watching one of the movies out of the blue the other day. I think the first and second are easily my favorite. I love the whole meta-movie atmosphere they were cultivating in the second installment, they had the perfect amount of cheesiness mixed with a creative commentary on the horror genre. Pretty ahead of its time if you ask me.  :smoke: 
  9. Scream is one of my all time favorite slasher flicks, brings me back to the good ole days. 2 and 3 are also pretty decent films. Haven't seen 4 yet, started to watch it but couldn't finish, is it even worth watching all the way through? 
    Wes Craven is a great director, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is #1 for me. 
  10. Totally agreed, and huh well I guess if we do get a Scream 5 one day I'll have to see it out of curiousty as well. But one can only imagine how much of a cash grab it really would be... I also feel the same about the MTV series, I mean not much good comes from them anyway. But still, I'll have to at least check it out as a big fan of the original trilogy.
  11. I deff enjoyed it as a fan, its a little more gory than its previous three films but I expected that before I saw it. Its pretty decent has a.good twist on the killer, has throw backs to the original movie, and has new.characters that I was actually able to get interested in.
  12. I'm a pretty big fan. Actually they shot the bookstore scene in Scream 4 in the city I was living at then. Pretty fucking cool.

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  13. First three were cool for 90s slasher flicks...i can't believe MTV is making a show, you can tell they're desperate not to die out
  14.  If you ask me they started to get pretty meh around 3, and 4 was just not palatable at all.
    Nightmare on Elm Street had an amazing first film, but the subsequent iterations were pretty cringe-worthy in my honest opinion. 

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