Scott Weiland & former Guns and Roses to play..

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by sensimil, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. sooooooooooo he's getting out of jail for his narcotics arrest?
  2. His next court date is July 11. as of right now, he isnt in jail...
    if convicted he can face up to a year..

    "The announcement comes three days after Weiland pleaded not guilty to drug charges in Burbank, California, following an arrest last month on two felony counts of possession of heroin and cocaine (see "Weiland Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges, Offers To Go To Rehab").

    According to sources close to the band, the Project had been trying to help the singer lessen his risk of a relapse, including exploring options such as rehab, methadone treatment, 24-hour supervision and martial-arts programs that would require mental discipline. Weiland volunteered to attend a rehab program before his next court date, which was set for July 11. He faces up to a year in county jail if convicted.

    Before starting up with the Project, Weiland had begun work on his second solo album with producer Josh Abraham, and the Stone Temple Pilots remain on hiatus, according to the group's spokesperson"

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