Scotland speaks out. NEDS UNITE

Discussion in 'General' started by wildc@rd, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. Here listen chief, a wiz thinkin the noo that a shud stop fannien aboot wi shaggin burds and that and that a shud get gan wi smokin mare dope, ken wot a mean ya dobber.
  2. lmao!

    aih righ' pal, ah ken wi' ya meen. wi shudna be dae'n whit wev bin dae'n a this time ken. we a' shudda bin oot there gittin it a' put righ'... gae us a bottle o buckie and i'll sort em oot. ken. efter a bottle o buckey ahl sort oot onybody, ahl o yez.... ye basterds.
  3. aye, ah cannae be arsed typin oot in dialect, its too fukken herd
  4. stop tokkin' gibberrish! or i'll gi ye a glasgi kiss!

    ya fanny.
  5. Oy! Ya we NEDs shoold stay ina school!
  6. wow, the way you guys speak is so sexy ;) especially the one by...oh what's his name...oh yes, that's right, digit!!
  7. lma fucking o..............
  8. lol. i'm going to have to keep you away from drunk dundonians ;D ;p ... thats who it was based on. :D heehee. you are so cute mlh.

    get me to do a perthshire accent for you sometime.. now thats sexy. ;) difficult... but sexy.
  9. i wish i could makes girls quiver in anticipation simply by using my boring london accent :(

    damn you scots! i turn into jelly every time gail porter utters a word!
  10. lol... yeah... but thats gail porter. ;D i think its a little more than the accent. ...alot more than the accent actually.
  11. well, dig, i will have you do the perthshire accent for fun, but the way you are naturally is what leaves me trembling and longing for more ;) :)...
  12. LMAO u Scots crack me up with ya wacky accents :D
  13. Nice idea, gather up the neds in 1 place & make sure you have a petrol bomb :devious:

    There was an american woman I was talking to once & she wouldn't let me leave because she loved my accent so much. So I bottled her. lol ko
  14. Ultimate Six Year Revival Post ^^^
  15. Mon the Hoops :hello:
  16. haha I'm Scottish ye fuck lend cunt bags syt dow en hav a pint
  17. The year was 2003 and things was different. TIME MACHINE HIYOOOOOOOOOO!
  18. YA BASS

    im not actually scottish
  19. [ame=]YouTube - Robin Williams On GOLF (Funny a$ F**k)[/ame]

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