Scorin Dope in the hood (nyc)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GrandaddyPurps, May 27, 2009.

  1. Well fuck my connect around here is just being wayy flakey and I dont think I will be able to cop from him anymore.

    Some friends are leaving this week for a month and we all wanna get 1 good nod in.

    Where in the city should we go looking? Iv heard good things about washington square park.? It would be 3 people going midday so im not worried about getting scammed/mugged.

    Also any indications that some1 would be slangin :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. Look for a guy in a trench coat, he'll surely be packing heat! :hello:
  3. I've heard that Tompkins Square Park is where to go for that. I can't verify that in the least, however. I live nowhere near NYC.
  4. There was some website that showed you the locations of drugspots in your city, I forget the website. Sorry, but someone else might know it.

  5. webehigh? thats only for weed
  6. If they sell weed I'm sure they'll know where the pills at.
    If I was you I'd just ask a gangbanger I knew, if you know any, thats what I do
  7. idk, but if u wana make it out here i can score u dope down in the TL

    seriously, in and out in less than 20 mins
  8. thats a bad bad place man haha
  9. Walk around itchin and scratching lookin like ur fiendin

  10. I shoulda PMd u when I was in SF last week: /
  11. Best way is to find a guy who knows people in the hood and go with him. Thats what I do.
  12. The neighbor hood dopeman
  13. yeah that would be the safest, don't go alone
  14. Check out Washington Heights for some bomb haze!
  15. too bad he's on the hunt for H :rolleyes:

  16. i wasnt planning on it. reread my post
  17. man scorin from someone you dont know in a park in nyc, your definitely gonna get some nasty black ass tar...who knows if its even dope. i guess if your desperate.
  18. step one. get dollars
    step two. call up a girl
    step3. get her all cummy
    stepfour. sugest getting some of the finest drugs that you can obtain from neightborhoods that are usually black and run down but some guys living there make more money than i do
    step five. make it to dwontown newark nj
    step6. wander around
    step7. ask random people for "bags"
    step8. the drugs are now in my possession
    step9 go to subway restaurant
    step 10. tell them u need to use the bathroom
    step11. get crazy high
    step 12 wild out in the bathroom and jack the whole shit up and then spend the next 2 hours thinking the swat team is coming through the roof
    step 13 wait the imaginary cops out
    14. go home and watch a porn with nice white chicks with round asses
  19. Don't go to Washington Square Park, there's hidden cameras and you'll probably get ripped off. Uptown somewhere is my suggestion.
  20. me and my friend went to the hood in yonkers today to look around. We did find these 2 sketchy ghetto guys who where standing outside this store for 20 minutes... but sadly there where to police cars staring at them and us from across the block so we said fuck it.

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