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  1. This chick I know had a bread bag full of leaf she was going to throw out because she tried to smoke it and thought it was shitty. So I told her i\'d take it off her hands, and rifling through it I found about $100 worth of good bud, sure it was only bush (mids?) but it was averagely potent. So I ended up rolling numerous amounts of joints and I still have about a half oz of good leaf to bake with!

    I haven\'t scored this good in ages.
  2. Good deal!!!!!!! The pot god must have been watching over you and you must have been very good here lately. LOL. I\'m happy for you.........may the pot god bless us all!!!!!!!!
  3. A friend of mine got something like that recently, the problem is that he payed for it, $30 for an 1/8th (ouch!). That\'s an eighth with the leaves as well, wasn\'t even enough for more than a couple J\'s. Wasn\'t cured right either. It\'s soooo dry around here right now though so I don\'t really blame him.
  4. Hell yah. =)

  5. gooo deal! I sometimes get some pretty blah cheeb from friends cause they know Ill cook or bake with it. They wont smoke it, but that stuff will work pretty good if you cook it up! I dunno why they dont though..but I love to do that stuff!
  6. Must be the Microwave Oven Method of curing buds....Bad fucking idea!!!!
  7. Me and my mate made a real nice chocolatey cake out of the leaf, and fuck it was potent. I was still caned when I woke up the next day. The sweet thing is we only got through half the cake.
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