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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jagris, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Tomorrow I am getting a big fatty blunt rolled with dro for 10 bucks, a dime of shwag for 10, another dime of mids for free, free papers, and a dub of fire for 20 bucks... OH oh. Comments ideas.
  2. bump... I am wondering if this is a good deal for the dro, its a fatty, about aslong as a pin. As for the fire, most sellers sell fire for more, so I am lucky there (well sellers here)
  3. what?
    you're buying dro for 10$ that's a dimebag/two bowls/.6
    a dime of schwag, which is .6, is worth like 5 or 7 dollars, so youre getting overpriced.
    free weed is good weed. and a dub of fire for 20$ should be 1.2-1.4 of dank, which is fair.

    i suggest just getting as much of the dro as you can and get some fire and match with a buddy and roll a blunt yourself. don't buy a blunt pre-rolled, cause it could be rolled with bad bud. and make sure that all your shit weighs, but ive never heard of getting so many different types of weeds for so many varying prices.

    ask for a paper after getting the most of the best bud you can. if you rarely can get dro, get as much of it as you can, otherwise buy as much of the fire as you can, and twist up a joint yourself. or just smoke some bowls, from an apple if you have to.
  4. The blunt is butifull, its rolled with mids, I saw the thing... I thought a dime was 10 bucks right? or for years I have been living a lie?
  5. you're getting a dime ($10 worth of weed) for $10, and a dub ($20 worth of weed) for $20. thats pretty average man lol.

    pics later?
  6. Never, ever buy weed that was already rolled or ground up. That's a great way to get ripped off.

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