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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. I just picked up an 1/8th today. I had given the money to this guy I work with like a week ago, and he's been making excuses for not having it every day.
    But at work today he gives me a tap on the shoulder and hands me the bud. I looked at it, and it was one of the smallest 1/8ths I'v ever seen. I told his so, and he said "hey, man, that's what the guy gave me. He wieghed it out right in front of me." I still didn't believe him, but I just weighed it and yep, it was an 1/8th.
    It's some serious skunk, and I needed to go out and put it in my car 'cuz it stunk so bad. The nuggets are dense and sticky, and it almost looks like I could make keif out of the shake alone. I haven't smoked in two weeks, so my tolerance is nice and low.
    This is some killer bud. I just rolled a cone and it's sitting in front of me, waiting to be smoked. Here goes nothing.

    I'm lighting some insence...
    Putting on some Grateful Dead...
    Sparking the joint...

    Life is good!

    I love the City, I love the ganja, and I LOVE YOU ALL!
  2. and i love!

    banoffee ice cream, that stuffs awesome

  3. Yea the last two 1/8s I bought, each from a different source, looked quite small. I don't have a scale, but they both lasted me 2 weeks(each) so they musta weighed out. Good shit, glad to hear your coworker came through - maybe throw him an appology depending on how you sounded when you told him it looked small.

  4. I never stressed him about it, which is partially why it took so long. It wasn't a big deal to me, but it was really nice to have some green again.

  5. wish i were you
  6. and i wish i was toker (well not really, just had his supply of weed) :D: D: :DDD

  7. Doesn't everybody?

    hehe, yea I know how to conserve. I only smoke once a day by myself usually, and I only smoke enough to get me high. 1.75 grams a week...that's still $20 a week/or $1040 a year!

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