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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HighFoSho, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. pretty crazy around these parts right now.... like a surplus of top shelf shit !
    I just got 14.3 gm's (half) for $65 ! And holy shit ! My half oz, was two buds ! A beautiful 6.2 gm bud, and another 8.2 gm's :)
    Of course I know some strains grow much bigger flowers, but...... Oh, almost forgot to say, this weed was called Kronich OG, and it was obviously well taken care of :) ..... And now, so am I, for a couple weeks :) LOL

  2. wow very nice, my last pick up was about a half also, all 4g nugs lol.
  3. How many grams were the stems?
  4.  Ha ! Right ?
    Have to admit, the stem in the 8 gm'er is like a fence post :) But even if the stems were say, 1.5 gm (a heavy guess) this would work out to 12.8 gm's for $65... or $5 a gm.... for top shelf stuff, also  :)
    Somebody asked for pics.... I think I could take a decent pic, but don't know how to post it ? This would not be a pic that I would use my normal online method of posting.... Hmmm...
  5. You could text it to an email and then upload it and just delete all the trails it made. 
    This forums has an app, but I never could post pictures in the past yet it may just of been my phone. 
    I say just upload it and delete all proof it ever existed on the computer. 
    Because I too want to see this hook up! Sounds good man. Congratz! 

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