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    I just pick up an under the sink reverse osmosis system for $150 from Lowes.

    The kit came with everything for the install including a purge valve to tap into a cold water copper pipe. I thought I was getting into a full day project, rather being installed in 45min.

    The replacement filters seemed expensive at first. However, they run about $60 and require replacment every 6 months. So $10 a month for RO water is a no-brainer.
  2. You can get a 5 or 6 stage RO unit for less on ebay. <--- Thanx to Rumpleforeskin --- That link doesn't have any specs on the unit. How many GPD? Where is it made? I'd shop around a bit before dropping $$ on an RO unit. Preferably one not too ashamed to post specs.

    Bottled Water Quality at Your Sink
    Push-in Fittings and Colored Tubing for Easy Installation more
    Complete with Everything Required for Installation and Use
    Delivers Bottled Water Quality
    High Capacity System more
    EZ-ChangeTM Indicator Light tells you when to replace filters more
    6-Month Filter Life
    Fits Neatly Under the Kitchen Sink
    Reduces Sediment - Including Sand, Silt and Rust more
    Reduces Chlorine Taste & Odor more
    Reduces Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cysts more
    Reduces Lead more
    Reduces Chemicals more
    Reduces Dissolved Solids - Including Arsenic, Copper, Nitrites, Nitrates, Radium, Chromium, Magnesium, and Sodium more

    All of the R/O systems that I have seen on EBay, do not come as a plug-and-play unit. I live in an apartment, so getting involved in plumbing, that isn't even mine, wasn't something that I was looking forward to.

    This system produces 22 gallons of R/O per day. I know that this falls way short when compared to others but it's enough for my 10 gallon res.
    As far as PPM, I really can't tell exactly what it is. I have the Blue Lab wand and the thing doesn't even come on when I try it in the water. My tap water is between 250-300PPM.

    Dimensions *
    Depth: 9 1/2 in.
    Height: 13 1/2 in.
    Width: 16 in.
  4. excuse me, but what are the cons of a reverse osmosis system?
  5. RO systems produce superior flowers. You'll never know until you use it. You can use less nutes and ph adjusters. By using RO water you know exactly what is in your nutrient system.

    The drawback? The waste water that is created. RO systems created about 30-40% waste water for all the good water it produces.
  6. Wait, WHAT!?
    Does RO system really create 30-40% waste water? How is that? Does part of the water go down the drain while the RO water collects somewhere?

    Where is this waste water, and can I use it like regular tap for washing my dishes and what not?

    Confused ... :confused:
    I went to Hydro to increase water efficiency. Please advise.
  7. yes RO creates double the amount of waste water over the RO water. im not sure about the system you bought. but if i were you i would return that system because its going to take you 12 hours just to get 10 gallons!! i bought a 100gpd machine for 185 bucks. Even though ur only doing 10 gallons, think about it taking 12 hours to pump that 10 gallons, and hopefully ur machine pumps waste water into the sink, otjherwise you will need to get a big tank for the waste water to go to because your going to have about 20+ gallons of waste water
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    I just installed an RO unit @ a friends place. Took a couple hours, but most of that was because i had to drill through a porcelain coated cast iron sink (NOT fun). The actual unit itself couldn't be easier to figure out with simple instructions. I've never plumbed anything more than a bong in my life, but it wasn't hard at all. Here's some pics.

    What i was using. :rolleyes:
    It was only for 4 ladies and a complete waste of $$. My meter said it wasn't removing hardly anything. Pure CRAP. IMO. :mad:

    What i am using. :D
    You'll notice the black line leaves the filter array and kinda disappears behind the sink drain ---> (the vertical white pipe with the clamp looking thing about half way up). That clamp is actually a saddle clamp and is where the waste water goes when the system is generating water.

    $137.00 shipped from ebay. Made in USA.



    Hope that helps clear things up. LOL
  9. My waste line runs down the basement to my washer sink. I was going to install the pvc drain but was affraid that if a clog occurred, due to the garbage disposal and or the dishwasher, that it would get back fed into the R/O system.

  10. I only need a full 10 gallons once every 4 weeks or so and the reserve tank holds enough for top-offs.

    It's really not that much of an inconvience. Although, I do see that for a little more money, you can get a much better system.
  11. yeah but if that one works for you, then that one works for you. i always buy bigger systems when i can because incase of the need to expand my systems.
  12. I'm trying to find a reverse osmosis system . whats the best one?
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    I Bought This for 60 bucks but It needs new filters... good buy? I got it off craigslist...

  14. just so it is said.... ive seen ebay systems that produce as much as 75% waste. now as far as producing better flowers... id like to here more on that.

  15. Bump!

    I know this is an old azz thread, but I too would like to know from people's experience/ tests, if RO water has made a beneficial difference in the flowers.

  16. I have read of a lot of people using R/O water and having great results. Because of this I actually went out and bought one last year for my hydro setup. I struggled with hydro for a very long time until I actually said 'screw it' and stopped using my R/O filter. I was supplimenting with cal/mag while using the filter but even then nothing seems to be able to work as good as tap water.

    Just make sure you let the tap sit out for 12 hours before you use it as the Ph will change as the chlorine evaporates out.

    My R/O filter sits in my closet, unused now, and my plants have never been happier :confused:
  17. Depends on your tap. My tap is 300ppm and along with shitty nutes I was battling ph swings. Switched to RO halfway though and love it. I collect my waste to wash clothes with. Also you can buy a pump to icrease the pressure and reduce the amount of waste
  18. The EC of my tap water is 0.7 (490 ppm) I am growing in coco do you think I need to start using RO water due to my fairly high mineral count in my water? I have heard that RO has it's benefits & drawbacks - should I just stick to my regular tap water? I would just like more control over my nutes & not have to use so much pH buffer all the time. From what I have researched I will prob need cal/mag additives after filtration, wouldn't it be better to just use my tap water WITH the cal/mag rather than using the RO water with it taken out? Confused as what to do here...

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