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Score! Jelly hash made from Halloween

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CaliCoast, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Been smokin this stuff lately. I was told that the jelly hash was hash infused with hash oil. I was also told that it was made from Halloween. Enjoy, at least I did. Check my blog for more details.

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  2. meh, im not into hash, but as long as you like it do it up.
  3. Looks good to me.
  4. ive always wanted to try hashish, hows the high? any adverse health effects besides the obvious of you are smoking something?
  5. Check this link to my blog, its just a random collection of strains I've tried, humor and other shit. I wrote a little about what the hash was like.
  6. damn dude that sounds good as hell. i gotta add that to my gotta try that list.
  7. Dude I just looked at your blog how the fuck did you clean your spoon? It looked better than new. Score on the hash man. I might get some hash today if my friends boss comes to this party. He goes to Amsterdam all the time and gets hash. Should be a good first time smoking hash aha
  8. Yeah I dunno what it is, but I've never really gotten into hash. I have a little bit of a thing against processed stuff.

    I like the idea of grabbin a nice bag of dried plant matter and getting nice and mello. Then eating some dried fungus and travelling to the moon.
  9. if you're into smoking marijuana, you're into smoking hashish.

    Hashish or hash, is nothing more than compressed and slightly heated kief or trichromes.

    the high from hashish depends on the plant it was taken from but none-the-less it is much more powerful than marijuana. If you smoke .5g of marijuana the high will be NOWHERE as intense if you smoked .5g of hash.

    Hashish is actually better for you as you are only smoking the essential oils you smoke marijuana to obtain rather than smoking mostly plant matter.
  10. Yea I see were your coming from man. A tinny bit of hash will get you as high as a lot of herb. So your saving money and your lungs.
  11. Well I'm into hash and that my friend is a great pickup!
  12. Here in denmark hash is so easy to find. its easier to get than weed wich sucks for me because i dont like hash very much. here all they do is mix hash and tabacco in joints. i hate tabacco so this is probably the main reason why id dont like it. how do you guys smoke it?
  13. I flatten out the hash to the size of a dime and put it on top of a bowl. Thats usually how I smoke it.
  14. hell yes, Halloween is awesome! :hello:
  15. ya i prefer weed, just like a more relaxin approach. THo thats not to say i dont like to smoke hash bowls eitehr.

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