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scooped a nug my dealer dropped...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GillyTHEkid, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. whats up blades, i had to share my luck with you guys...

    so i went to meet my dealer, we're were real cool back in the day but shit happens and i havent chilled with him in a while.

    anyways, he gets ready to scale out the gram for me but he dropped a nug, its dark out so we can see it. he scales out my bag (1.1 :hello: ) he does $15 a g but i gave him a $20 and told him ill keep coming if he doesnt pinch my bags. (dealers in my area do that bullshit)

    so i shine my iphone light around, ive got great eyes that can spot things and i thought i saw it. so after we left i came back a few minutes later and picked up and booked out there on my longboard.

    only thing that bugs me is that his mom was like 200 ft away but i dont think she could really see us but if she told him that that kid came back from something i think he'll kno somethings up.

    but hopefully she doesnt :D

    but for now i got a free nug, about .5-.7

    any of you guys had amazing moments like this?
  2. Yeah I can't hate on you for doing that. If it was in their house or a large amount, it would be shady.
  3. Since most of my dealers are actual friends and hook me up I don't try to screw them over and likewise to me. In fact I picked up a quarter from one of my boys and dropped a g somewhere on his lawn on the way out. it was dark out and kinda drizzling so i txt him about it. He didn't find it, but again since we're coo with each other he just tossed me another g to replace it.
  4. Yeah some kid who ripped me off once gave me a 20 sack I told him I'll pay him back soon but he didn't know I was moving in a couple days so I got free weed.
  5. You should have gave it back.

    Thief. :(

  6. nahh he knew he dropped it but didnt care enough to search around.

    good try tho! :hello:

    we were at the park btw lol so those woodchips are misleading... cant fool my eyes tho..

  7. guess he got what was comin!
  8. I would of gave it back...

  9. As long as your cool with him yeah it's fine if you want to you could smoke him up with that nug.
  10. a measly small nug. ha! once I was weighed a half o, split between 4 of us or 2, cant remember. Anywho, it was dark, and he kept saying how fluffy and large the bag looked and even double checked it. Well I got back to our place, and tared it CORECTLY, and it came out to 2 or so grams under a half o!!! Its not my job to weigh the bud, so me and my friends had a fantasy bud draft and just picked nug by nug.

    He ended up telling me, and I was like, "Damn man, I thought you scaled it...blah blah, I didnt have one on me so I didnt. It sure did look like a little more than usualy tho :)"

    He was cool with it

    edit: it was def split between 4of us, I remmeber the draft@

  11. if we still pretty cool i would of def given it back but i wouldnt even consider us friends lol, more like a aquatince(no idea how to spell this word).

    he looked for a little bit, i shined the light every where for him so i consider it fair game. thats how im justifying it.
  12. In your situation props to you for sure..
    I buy from a few friends so I try to be honest. One time my buddy eyed what he though was 1/8th but I thought it looked heavy so I had him go get his scale. turned out to be 6.3..
  13. Did your mom drive you to get weed? Or am I missing something?
  14. Fuck everyone tht doesnt agree with me very nice

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