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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by scooby d00bie, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Hi everyone. i was browsing the forums over at, and i read that "grasscity sucks, it's a bunch of hippies!" well seeing as there are many angry, violent and hateful people on the yahooka message boards, and seeing as how i love hippies and i am what many call this generation's hippy, i decided that sounded great!

    so here i am, looking for a more chill, happy, accepting and mellow stoner community online to share my highest thoughts with. I just wanted to introduce myself, i'm scooby d00bie...cheers. you may now toke the bowl :)
  2. you found the right place man
  3. Sucky hippee #72 here!

  4. yahooka is a great example of assholes with nothing better to do than be elitists and make insult other people..... i cant believe theres some that like it that way, ESPECIALLY stoners
  5. i wonder what hippie number i am?
  6. *in his best radio announcer voice*

    Just go anywhere you've posted and move your little arrow thingeemajig across the profile button at the bottom of your post, then look at your status bar and it will tell you.

    Sorry no COD's. 0% percent financing is really bullshit. Not responsible for any accident or incident occuring with a prize. See your local dealer for details.
  7. nah man it doesnt say anytging besides see thegreenlantern's profile
  8. *still in radio announcer voice*

    Don't click it, but look down at the bar where you see the script, ya know where the the little bar moves when a page is loading, (keep in mind your talking to cyber retard, which says how fucked you must be:)) There'll be a bunch of letters of computer stuff, at the end it will say userID, in your case 6011.
  9. Number 5975 here.....but I'm not a hippy....just a stoner[​IMG]
  10. I am from the hippie generation, truly an old stoner.Pleased to meet you, scooby d00bie!!
  11. i'll be hippy #420 ;)
  12. awesome! welcome! and kick ass name! ;) i dig it!
  13. welcome to da city man, have fun
  14. Welcome to the city..

    I moved this thread to Introduce yourself forum!
  15. hey you'r`re #79. not thaat it matters.
    now i'll have to see what no. i am.
    hope it's a good no.
  16. 7332. i like it. (said in barney's voice)
    no not barney rubble
    barney who is always drunk at moe's
  17. Welcome to the City!!!!!!!
  18. damn there was people talking shit bout this website? why? this website kicks ass, speaking of ass kicking, we should go kick some yahoo user ass for saying that shit!!!
  19. its yahooka, luckly i found this site before it!

    edit - 2833 horray!

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