scoob's 420 (too long to enjoy)

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  1. So last night I went to see my favorite band that i havent seen in two months: perpetual groove.

    The opening band (named anonymous) was fun, they were of average talent, but they had tremendous charisma and make everyone smile. They played awesome covers like "Billie Jean" and they ended their set with "Shout". amazing, tons of fun.

    I was on a week long tolerance break. let me tell you how i celebrated. Every joint i had was two grams except for one 1/4 joint of regs. one joint was bubblegum with hash, one was straight bubblegum, and the other 6 were kind bud. yum.

    i didnt smoke until the first note of pgroove came on. every light was off, and they started off with a very hypnotic/trance melody that blew people's minds. it was obvious that they came to play.

    they played all of their fucking greats. almost every great song they have, it was awesome. they covered "up in smoke" from cheech and chong. holy shit they made it beautiful.

    yall just cant understand how amazing this concert was. everytime i passed the j's around i got someone else's bud in return. it was so fucking amazing, i loved every minute.

    the second set comes on and me and my buddy were finishing up a j. i had an idea.

    since i was already fucked up, and i knew regs werent gonna do that much to me, i spark the quarter joint, passed it to my friend, took it back, and proceeded to do the coolest thing i have ever seen.

    i passed it to the lower level where people stand, and i told an guy i knew to "pass it to everyone, just keep passing it off." Me and my friend were torn between watching the amazing light show and watching people's reactions when they bugged out cuz they just got passed a huge fucking joint. that joint made it all around everyone was thanking person who passed it to them, but the person would always be yell "it wasnt mine, i dont know where it came from". it actually got back to me after half an hour.

    i wish i wish i wish i had an a/v cord to hook up the video and pics from the concert. the video shows how amazing their light show is, there is none better. but i dont have one, c'est la vie.

    that night was such a peaceful night. constantly smoking a j with a red stripe in the other hand is the only way to experience live music. i hope yall's 420 was as beautiful as mine. peace gc.

    edit: this show was a four hour orgasm.

    i loved the venue it was played in. such diversity.

    you had the huggin' rollers, the hands in the air acid freaks, the drunks who turned around and fucking screamed lyrics to the crowd (i was drinking too so i didnt care), the shroomers huddled near the back attempting to survive the light show and pulsating rythms, and the beautiful stoners. ah.
  2. sounds amazing man, not many people get to have awesome nights like that
  3. I went to a p groove show once. Do you live in the boone area?
  4. nah but its my fourth favorite place in nc.
  5. That sounds like a GREAT time! haha. I love that you passed that J around. I've been at concerts and been passed joints, it so totally rules. You know people are still talking about that big ass joint they were passed. So cool.

    Great read man. Glad you had such an awesome 4/20! :smoke:
  6. P-Groove is really good and I think ive seen the other band open for Slightly stoopid. Good shroomin musicz glad ur celebration was so kick ass. Nice 420 gesture with the huge community blunt +rep!
  7. oh mann that sounds intense
  8. ha thanks guys.

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