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    I have two plants in a 2foot/8inches/3foot box. It has two 42watt 6500k CFL's and two 23watt 2700k CFL's in it. I germinated from bag seed a little over a week ago. One of the four seeds never sprouted:eek: and i have decided the box is only big enough for two so i decided to just grow one in a pot in my room. the two sexy ladies i chose have their second set of leaves coming in right now. The first set are large and very dark green. I plan to transplant them this friday:) and then i will be starting LST soon after. I'll be using this as a journal for hopefully the next few months feel free to comment, critic, and ask questions.

    P.S. I will try and find some sort of camera so i can upload pics too.
  2. Greetings, if you germinated bag seed a week ago, how do you know the two "ladies" are in fact ladies ? Just wondering, best of luck.

  3. well like any bag seed grow its not 100% but im not gonna call em dudes and then switch to ladies 3 weeks from now;)

    Day 9

    They both look good today and the second node is really starting to come in nicely. they look really green and they seem to be growing very well. i got a 4 inch fan last night and set it in the side of the box blowing in fresh air. there is a passive outake on the other side. the leaves of one plant have started curling down but it looks really healthy so im not worrying. ( should i be??)

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