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Scissor Hash for Dessert

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by oldskoolgrower, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Since I finally finished my trimming I decided to save this last chunk of scissor hash for after dinner (already smoked a piece earlier...heh). For those who do not know, scissor hash is the resin/trichomes that stick to the scissors when you trim buds. It's a wonderful treat; most is between 40 and 50% THC. As you can see I wound up getting a few hairs stuck in there but they are the good kind of hairs so no worries.

    My wife and I will put this on top of a bowl of green tonight after dinner.

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  2. How big is that ball? no point of reference
  3. Oh it's small, probably about .2 grams tops. Just enough for a nice bowl topper.
  4. #4 420gamer4life, Feb 8, 2009
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    I wonder how much hash i could get from my scissors i always use to scrape my bowl??? there is a noticable amount of resin on it.....

    EDIT: How did you make hash that quick??? i thought it had to evaporate for a while?
  5. I prefer finger hash myself :p trimming fresh buds with your fingers, after a while becomes so sticky its hard to keep your fingers apart. Roll your fingers, smoke what comes off.

    Never used scissors for trimming, just scissors + a shot glass but always put what was on the scissors into the shot glass.

    Enjoy man, looks good!
  6. That would be tar/resin, not hash :p

    Scissor hash is a rare treat. It's very full of concentrated flavor and it's very very potent. Finger hash is the same only it's made by rubbing one's hands (with or without gloves) on the buds and peeling/rolling the hash off. That reminds me, I threw my gloves in the freezer so it will be easier to peel off later.
  7. resin does not = hash tho

    beat me to it
  8. I still don't understand how you made it so quick....
  9. #9 spitfire396, Feb 8, 2009
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    Ha well the little tiny ass crumbs next to it...prolly like .25...which is I right?

    The more I see you post the more I realize that when Im older my wife must smoke and she must be OK with me growing, sounds like bliss.
  10. You are thinking of hash oil. Real hashish is just concentrated kief and/or THC resin. Kief hash is made from sifting kief using screens. Cold water or bubble is made by chilling it and agitating in water to separate the trichomes. Scissor or finger is made by directly taking the plant resins.

  11. Hell my wife built my flowering room. It IS bliss. She doesn't smoke nearly as much as me but she usually takes at least a few tokes per evening. Yesterday she got really high; it was funny, she gets so cute when she's baked.
  12. Sounds like you've got a great life! took alot of work to get there i'll bet. One day:rolleyes:......
  13. It's not hash made through extracting with ISO or another agent. He rolled up all the trichomes from the blades.

    edit: nvm op beat me to it
  14. He may have beat you to it, but i actually understood your explanation:D

  15. 1. Collect resin and trichs from the plant on fingers and/or scissors
    2. Scrape and/or roll it into a ball
    3. Smoke.

    That is how you make finger or scissor hash.

    EDIT: Ah I see you finally got it ;)

    Yes I have a fantastic life. The love of a good woman cannot be overrated.
  16. My mistake :) I still love finger resin from trimming!
  17. What mistake? I'm confused or stoned or both :)

    I love the finger hash as well. My latex gloves are in the freezer so it will be easy to peel off and roll up ;)
  18. haha im glad
  19. that's a delish desert
  20. Well I'm really baked so I thought that the resin from the outside of the plant, while trimming was THC. And that when you trim bud by hand it gets on your fingers and when you compress it it was a form of hash. But then remembered that Hash is extracted, not just scraped off :p

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