Scientology legitimate or scam?

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  2. Grasscity is the wrong place to ask if you're actually interested bruh.
    Go torrent some of the books or hit up a Church for some information and make your own decision.

    It's a money grab as much as anything in this world is but that doesn't mean fuck.

    Money makes the world go round.
    If I was Hubbard I would have fought for tax exemption and demanded money from my followers too.
  3. Idk but anyone who can make a powerhouse religion in modern times should be studied.
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    Why? Because there are some people unhinged enough to practise a faith designed by a science fiction writer? -_-.
  5. I agree that it's completely ludicrous. You should still check out how he did it. Intimidation, blackmail, pure sociopathy, and audacity made some ridiculous metaphysical sci-fi ideas into a religion that can sue your future great grandchildren into eating pizza with the Ninja Turtles in a Brooklyn sewer. That sort of stuff is the enemy of all mankind. Gotta learn your enemies haha.
    You calling Tom Cruise "unhinged"?!?!?
  7. Scientology is the only One True Religion©
  8. I look at the religions in the past and see how they grasped the people's mind. Back then most people were poor and didn't live well. So the religions used that to their advantage. For example, live a life for God and he'll repay you with heaven. The people believed this and the church became rich and powerful, while the poor remained poor. It's pretty much mind control for people who can't critically think.

    Scientology is the religion of today. Now that the average quality of life is high, and the average person can think (maybe not all people) religions can't use the same tactics. Instead Scientology uses "science" as their hook. They draw in the gullible, and do what most religions have done. Take money and gain power.

    So maybe 1000 years from now instead of atheists debating Christians, it'll be atheists debating scientologist.
  9. There's a southpark episode that explains it all

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    Don't remind me :( 
  11. You should look to no authority for truth.

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