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Scientists say the eye "sees" everything "upside down" and the brain "corrects"......

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Gonjaninjitsu, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. The image. What exactly is the brain correcting after the sight has been captured and seeks to identify the image in stored memories? I call conspiracy.....of immense stupidity. Cuz I'm smarter than them :ey:

    I base this fact finding solution on absolutely nothing, especially not from the vanity we call "knowledge". Also known as power. Brought to you by the prison we call time :D
  2. well your brain correcting the upside down image would help explain why OEV visuals are possible...
  3. Basically what that means when images pass through our pupil, they hit the back of our eye upside down, because of the concave shape. but our brain perceives things the way they should be.

    When i was young, i could never understand what that meant, i thought the world we lived in was really upside down or something.
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    Divine Comedy :laughing::yay:

    Interesting completely unrelated fact

    The last lunar eclipse was on 12.21.2010.

    "Hey whats up Casper." :p

  5. We don't have upsidedown eyes.

    When light passes through a lens like our eye (concave), it'll form a real image that is inverted. This behavior can be seen by applying Snells Law to a particular ray through a given optical system, and that ray will trace back to exactly where it will image too.

    But without getting mathematical, grab a lens from somewhere in your house (More spherically shaped it is, the better this experiment can be observed). Lenses like magnifying glasses will work best.

    Now grab a white sheet of paper and get in a darkly lit area. Turn on a bright screen of some sort (Laptop, T.V., etc...). Now place the magnifying glass in between the paper and the TV. You should end up seeing an upside down image of whatever is on the screen (
    Make sure you get the image in focus.
    The focus can be adjusted by moving the magnifying glass closer or farther away from the sheet of paper.
    Also, make sure the lens is aligned and oriented directly between the paper and TV.

    But back to the brain. Not only does it correct for the inverted image, but tons more. You should check out this link, TED Blog | Optical illusions show how we see: Beau Lotto on TED.com.
  6. Well if your brain just processed the images as it was no changes, then it would be difficult to conceive how it would present images in front of you that aren't really there. But since it flips the image, it obviously has the ability to manipulate what you're seeing and thus certain drugs are able to distort that image a lot more :D

  7. Im pretty sure this isnt just a theory.

  8. Its not the process I'm interested in more or likely I'm interested in the interpretations our brains function with to produce such inverted and "complete" images such as all of us "knowing" that a keyboard and a screen lies in front of us to generate a reply in reading and also to generate a reply in expressing your response. The "how things work" argument is easily elaborated but whenever it comes to the Source of such productions the overcast shadow of "being right" clouds the infinite purpose of such things. Which is why I ask again. What exactly do we "correct?

  9. So you're saying our brain gives us drugs and we return the favor to our brain? MEGATON!!!!! :p
  10. Sorry for my rudeness but, fuck the theories, fuck all theories, just live your life, no explanaton nescessary, life is beautiful and God works in mysterious ways sometimes even cryptic. But in the end, actually the now, it's all good.

  11. Why wouldnt it be? If earths round and we're living on it and stuff... everythings kind of upside down? Wow thats a weird way of thinkin about it. :smoke:

  12. Maybe Im missing something.

    It CORRECTS our vision. ????

    To fall in line with our eqilibrium, consciousness, gravity, etc.

    If your asking why, specifically why, the components of our eyes capture images upside down and allows our brain to decipher. Your body is a living organism that is constanly evolving. Why do you have pinky toes, or an appendix? Just is bro.

  13. Interesting turn of events. When you say "our" vision, what do you mean? Do you experience any other vision that the one your mind interprets with your own two eyes? Think about that one for a lil bit :smoke:

    What is gravity? :D lol sorry I know I coming across as mocking but I'm merely attempting to pour more insight into the daily cycle of things we accept without further thought because a collective comes to an agreement, more or less a truce :p

    While I do appreciate the regurgitaed answers you're providing me which I wholly understand as you trying to give me an understanding, that is not necessary. I'm merely trying to widen your gaze as to why we accept things as there are, as we all have a collective idea of what lime green looks like and how we interpret that color as we look at the GC interface BUT as I cannot borrow your eyes or soul or memories to experience your unique vision, I can only elaborate my alignment with the Ultimate Vision, as to why we have toes, pinkies, penises etc

    lol no rudeness I understand your position. I'm definitely not looking for answers here noooooo none of that lol. Maybe a new leaf or branch to my tree of perspective perhaps?
  14. Does it really matter whether the direction to our feet is up or down?

  15. .....
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    Yea I'll look for better questions

    In comparison to yours lol

    This competitive bug will kill us all

    You should read the story about how Buddha fooled the Monkey King

  17. When we begin to look outward for everything that is within, when we lose sight of Origin Being Intelligence, then yes it does begin to gather some concern
  18. Are you up side down or right side up?

  19. Eyes aren't the only thing that help you perceive your environment. The vestibular system is the system responsible for spatial orientation. The visual system must have evolved to match with what the vestibular system picks up or perhaps vice versa, which may explain how the brain knows to flip the image right side up.
  20. So when i look at something upside down, the brain sends me a false image?

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