Scientists Find The Gene That Produces THC

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by heislegend, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Very interesting article. Although i think it's ridiculous that a breakthrough like this may not even be enough to satisfy the unbelievably stubborn US government into loosening up their tight restrictions on hemp production, it is still a tightly controlled crop grown in only a few states, even though you could smoke a hemp joint the size of a telephone pole and not feel a thing (besides from all the smoke inhalation). The THC levels are so low nobody could get a high from smoke hemp, and it would be ridiculously expensive to extract thc from hemp also, yet i don't even know if the govt would budge with 0% THC

    Bottom line is this is still a very useful breakthrough, allowing for all ranges of THC levels now! Interesting how they came up with the results, controlling the THC selecively through the hairs?

    Oh and awesome related articles in that link as well
  2. This is pretty dumb
    Create drug free hemp plants? WE ALREADY HAVE THAT. ITS HEMP.
  3. those are some yummy lookin buds in the pic...

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