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Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Deku, May 14, 2011.

  1. Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

    Well fuck those pharmaceutical companies. This is great and all, but what does this mean for medical marijuana now?
  2. good find, plus rep.
  3. Fuck the pharmecutical companies. Just because they cant make money they dont accept it. Thats just fucked up. Something that is less harmful than other cancer treatments and could save lives is just going to be over looked, because of the greedy ass big companies in this country.

    Even if they did paten it, im sure they would find a way to make it less effective and more harmful, like everything else.

  4. really we are shocked pharmaceutical companies are doing this...FUCKING WAKE UP already. there's a reason all these drugs only do is suppress problems, and treat the problem.. but not one of these drugs cures the problem.. why do anti-depressants make you depressed over extended use.. so you can go and take another anti-anti-depressant.. not a pill that will help take away your depression even without continual use..

    oh yea continual use.. do you think pharmaceuticals would make as much money if their medicine cured the problem?? fuck no, they don't want a cure for cancer, they want a treatment for cancer.. they just use chemotherapy to cure people, just to say hey look we can cure some people.. BUT FOR SOME REASON YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF BEATING CANCER WITHOUT CHEMO..
  5. Im not shocked, just angered by that greediness of those companies. Finally something that can really be helpful and not harmful in fighting cancer, and they overlook it. I like my money too, but i would NEVER be that greedy, by basically making people more sick and untimently causing some to die.
  6. MOB son, MONEY OVER BITCHES.. and we're the bitches
  7. So true, lol.

    Curruption at its finest.

  8. couldnt agree more man.its sad that people are getting rich from others misery.shouldnt we be helping these people not fucking them over even more and bankrupting them?

    the sick get sicker,the poor get poorer,and the rich get richer.
    only in america...
  9. end monetary-lobbying.. companies should not be allowed to give senators/legislators money, cars, houses, vacations to private islands, private planes, free use of their products...

    the reason nothing changes in washington is because lobbyist will give away whatever it takes to keep shit the same.. the same is billion dollar profits in the middle of a recession..
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    You know, I believe if everyone just boycotted everything we'd take power back
    But everyones so cool with being controlled
  11. Exactly...And no one questions authority these days, they are fine working their ass for companies their whole lives then dying. :hello:
  12. oh yeah... thats why i hate society!
  13. LOL.

    Cannabinoids fight cancer, now this.

    Still no regard, society need to wake the fuck up. society as in those who haven't already fallen deep into the bullshit
  14. To the pharmaceutical companies who won't invest in this: Greed is an incurable cancer.

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  16. So that's three different therapies I've heard of that cure or might cure cancer:


    -very high doses of vitamin C

    -and now DCA

    What the fuck else cures cancer? All these new discoveries of natural/simple cures makes me think it's a needless disease!

    Fuck the pharmaceutical companies!! :mad:
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    And sadly enough it's a two way street
    It's as if those taken advantage of would rather it that way
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    To be honest with you I don't think there's a disease we can't cure except self interest
  19. Um Napalm kills cancer, but you guys can see why we can go lighting everybody on fire right? Second, there are lots of things that can cause apoptosis and there are lots of things that destroy mitochondria and cancer cells... It doesn't mean it TARGETS cancer and it doesn't mean it's safe to use as an anti-cancer drugs.

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