Scientists Create Super Laser

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Revolution, May 31, 2009.

  1. Interesting

    US lab debuts super laser

  2. reminds me of something like this
    Good news everyone! I've built a giant laser...
  3. This was in the X-files.

    Only thing is, the targeting software became self-aware and started killing anybody that tried to shut it down.

    We're all fucked.
  4. 1. awesome military weapon

    2.fusion? safe fusion... is it cold i would assume... either way... free energy

  5. Dude in now freakin way is it cold.... the whole purpose of these lasers is to recreate the heat produced at the core of the sun :p

    I'm assuming they cannot yet produce and harness energy for safe use because this is a pretty new technology but theoretically this will work wonders in the future after some solid research.... plus it is also a verrrrrrrrrrry likely way to setup a time machine that works into the future.... but only goes back to the day it was turned on... if anyone wants to look into that check this link

    [ame=]YouTube - The First Real Time Machine - Part 1 of 5[/ame]

    The theory and idea is very plausible, I am in no way aware that anything like this can ideally exist, but I am open to see what that man can do with this new laser technology... I am sure there is a way to travel time just not sure when it will be found. haha..... the species that manages to travel forward or backward in time will have to be extremely smart haha.... humans are not.... (I mean sure, we have exceptional brains and the odd genious.... but humanity in itself is a FAILLLLLLLL!!!!! We are so arragont, cruel, ignorant, and unempathetic towards the world and even eachother[businesses/loan sharks/oil comapnies/governments] that I don't think it is possible to achieve anything "remarkable" for the human race unless we completely, and i mean COMPLETELTy change the ways that we live and treat everything in this world...which is essentially all one thing... we are all one frequency of energy experiencing "life" and we better soon realize that everything is connected.)
  6. I was hoping star wars would stay a movie.
  7. Yep, its just dandy here in CA. :rolleyes:
  8. Did you make a wish REV?
  9. [​IMG] i was also hoping this doesnt happen either, because now we'd be straight....well you know....."F***ED

    haha my giant "Lazzzzzer Beam":smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. If they put this thing on a shark, we are FUCKED
  11. [​IMG]

    Get to the laser!
  12. hahahaha nice post, that actually made me bust out laughing.

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