scientific bubbler??

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  1. what do you guys think of them? what ones would u recommend??:confused:
  2. I love mine! MOmo Boomstack is the best I've used, but I've heard the Mobius Bubblers are killer.
  3. Grasscity just put out a limited edition showerhead double bubbler for under 100$. Only 50 of 'em so you'd have to be quick.

  4. holy shit I forgot about that.

    And its a gridded showerhead.
  5. but its got that stupid diagonal base, second useless downstem with no diffusion.
    ruined it for me rite there.
    i want the blackleaf smoke shower, has the showerhead diff in it.
    under 200.
    cant beat it?
    only problem is? black leaf is mass produced. so you gotta treat her gently/.
  6. If you're looking for nice, don't buy anything mass produced, you'll ultimately be disappointed.
  7. i was thinkin about 150

  8. Your not going to find a well made american bubbler for 150.

    Are you willing to buy a well made medium quality bubbler?
  9. i think you could get one for under 150 for sure

    you could get Headford Disk Diffused bubbler on high priority for like 125.

    or check out a l t they have some scientific bubblers on there. lots for choices man.

    shit.get a sweet recessed ashcatcher and a cheap j hook and buy a gram haha.

  10. Black Leaf makes some decent glass, but those standard bowls they come with are horrible! Not the disk screen ones, just the single hole bowls. They just feel like shit, but their actual glass isn't bad. Not hating on Black Leaf. (Comparing the bowl to an Ehle and american made Realization bowl)

    Black Leaf - Glass Cone Bowl -

    If I had to recommend a scientific bubbler i'd say that Headford Bubbler is sick for the money! I usually just buy from local people or guys on the internet who make custom stuff, you can usually get stuff ultra cheap when it's coming right from your backyard and is worth more than what you're paying. Really any ashcatcher that is of a decent size can be paired with a J-Hook for a mouth piece and be a great piece!
  11. Can deff find some quality american bubbs for around 150. I have a showerhead bubb blown by a dude outta iowa, was 175 and hits so fuckin smooth.

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