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    You sir (you're a sir right?) are gonna get some rep for that jewel. I'm printing that one out to show all my buddies. lol
  2. Ah yes, it's a great little flowchart :)
  3. Im sick of so many people starting threads bashing peoples faith just because they themselves havnt seen/felt what religous people have.

    Ive yet to see one person on here start a thread that said " haha you people are godless apes that have no sense of a higher being and you all hide behind your flawed logic".

    Personally i find it amusing that some people can think everything that the earth has to offer has been made purely by chance. If thats the case how come no other planets are at all like ours?

    How come out of 8 ( 9 if u count pluto ) planets ours is the only one that isnt completly un- inhabitabal by living things? if everything around has come from big bangs, evolutions, ect. why would it be like this only here and none of the other planets?

    I'd also like to hear this "contradicting evidence" that ive been ignoring.
  4. I think it's disrespectful and annoying. :rolleyes:

  5. Care to explain what flawed logic you are reffering to?

    The reason Earth has life and the others don't is simply luck. Earth has a fairly stable temperature, oxygen, water, atmosphere, ozone layer. All these things allowed life to thrive.

    As for the contradicting evidence, why not look up how the earth revolves around the sun, how life evolved from basic lifeforms, and how there appears to be 0 empirical evidence for the existance of god.

    Religion is a way for the few to control the many. To quote Pope Leo X "It has served us well this myth of christ," (He also had a white pet elephant, cuz he was hella rich and powerful)
  6. Now I finally got a laugh out of this thread... A rationalist response involves luck. Wow.
  7. I've been reading a bunch of these threads and a lot of material on faith vs science. I truely believe that faith is flawed and logic is the way to go.

    This point aside I think it is also neccessary to tolerate other views and ideas in order to better affect and change people's views.

    An atheist attacking a religious person's beliefs will not make them change there minds and it is a futile effort, it will make you look like an atheist fanatic and unbelievable.

    The fact of the matter is that we must realize that getting a person to drop all of their beliefs, social circles, and familiarities is nearly impossible.

    I believe a logic driven society is better than a faith driven society, but forcing one's beliefs on someone will do neither party any good.

    Name calling is childish and not effective. Instead I hope that reason can win out in the long run and positively affect our society.

    To all of those religious people out there I hope you can learn to adapt your views to a modern viewpoint.

    Thing change all throughout history with no acceptions. Religion is no differnet. Why can't we all accept the new theories (i.e. heliocentric theory and evolutionary theory) and go from there.

    Forcing ideas on a population does not get them to change their mind, but logic and reasoning will win out over time. Maybe I'm being too idealistic but this is what I hope.
  8. I have "seen/felt" what many religious people have claimed to have seen/felt. I understand, however, that the mind is an easy thing to manipulate, especially when you are not looking for manipulations.

    Spend more time in S&P and you will probably see it. Of course, it will not be phrased in such a way, as that would most likely result in the thread being closed. Also, what "flawed" logic are you referring too?

    Who said anything about chance? I wish I knew what things were like prior to the big bang, sadly, I do not. My lack of knowledge of that event in no way proves their is a god, or makes a god more likely. Of course, I do think it likely that there is a creator, but I am quite certain we know absolutely nothing about this creator (if it exists), and certainly the most popular religions in the world simply worship a human with magical powers.

    We also have no idea if our planet is the only planet like this, given the size of the Universe and the amount of stars/galaxies that are out there, I am almost certain there are many planets that are just like ours. Of course, I cannot prove that as we have yet to find one, well, we have kind of found one, at any rate I think it is most probable..

    Uh, we do not know that our planet is the only one that is habitable by "living things". There is water on Europa (a moon) and it might very well contain life. Our exploration of our solar system is in its infancy and just because we have not found life elsewhere yet, does not mean that we will not. Of course, it does not mean we will either, but, it is very probable. Also, life as we know it requires these special conditions, we do not know what forms life can take elsewhere in the universe, there could be lifeforms that live quite easily in environments that would instantly kill most everything we know about on the Earth.

    I cannot provide an exhaustive list myself, if you wish to find out what a lot of people would call "contradicting evidence" I suggest you pay a visit to the S&P forum and take a look through some of the threads there. You can also take a look at some of the links that I am posting now.

    <embed style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" flashvars=""> </embed>

    <embed style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" flashvars=""> </embed>

    Not exhaustive by any means, but the links should help get you started on your quest for knowledge, as well as the videos.

    EDIT: Just thought of adding something else. If you'd rather read a book, I have heard good things about The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. You can learn more about it Here, or you can buy it Here.

    And now that I have gone horribly off topic (not my fault!) I will return to the topic at hand by saying...

    LOL! Thanks for sharing, that was pretty funny and accurate. :)
  9. Yep, just like a lot of people hope for the Savior's return... Both sides wait for the day they are proven positive.
  10. Prove what positive man? I know the God of Abraham is not real. I am 99.99999% certain, that is as close to 100% as I come. :)

    I do not see how it is disrespectful, you have a belief in something, and someone else believes something else. Is one not allowed to express their belief when it goes against yours? How is that fair?

    I see many believers making light of skeptics positions, I do not see you asking them to stop that or telling them that is annoying. Take a look at for a good example, do a YouTube search for "Atheists biggest fear", you'll see some really silly and (hopefully it is meant to be) comedic shit.
  11. Another laugh, this thread DID turn out funny! :D
  12. Well, I am happy that I am able to amuse you.
  13. Hey, Mr.GoodStuff, could you please explain to me what was so funny about Liquidtruth's post?

    I don't get it.
  14. If I were religious, I would be offended by the illustration.

    Although the illustration may be accurate for some religious folks, I dont believe its accurate for all of them.

    Believe it or not, it is possible for religious folks to evolve in their thoughts and beliefs. They dont always "keep the same idea forever", as the illustration implies.

    I dont know, I think instead of trying to make religious people look dumb...we should make more of an attempt to understand. As much as we hate to admit it, us atheists dont have IT figured out either....its all guess work.

  15. No offense, but didnt you just completely contradict yourself there?
  16. Lol yeah he did, but come on its a little gramatical fuckup, the point stands.
  17. I wouldnt necessarily call it a "little" gramatical fuck up. When youre telling people that you KNOW their god doesnt exist (which is a pretty bold statement), you cant turn around and say im 99.99999% sure.

    The fact is that I agree with most of what he says, however, you have to choose your words carefully around here. As liquid has pointed out on a number of occasions by dissecting the posts of others, the slightest contradictions in anything you say will be exposed.
  18. He didn't really contradict himself in a scientific sense. Scientific "knowledge" can only be represented through degrees of probability... and 99.999etc.% is all we can do. It's up to the challengers of those degrees of probability to bring it down to more questionable levels. Of course, by proving the degree of probability of their differing hypothesis to have more validity through scientific observations.

    But I still can't figure out what was so funny... ?
  19. That you think that's sure. That's what's so funny. Your perceptions could very easily be illusionary yet you lean so hard on them you think people are crazy that don't. Well, tough.

    Keep thinking your understanding is better than my relationship with The Creator. It's all good.

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